5 Ways to Have a Happy Family Hour Popsicle Iconic Yellow Box

5 Ways to Have a Happy Family Hour

This 5 Ways to Have a Happy Family Hour + Bright, Chic Accessories from INC and Popsicle #PopsicleTime #INCpopsicle #INCStyle post is sponsored by The Original Brand Popsicle®.

5 Ways to Have a Happy Family Hour + Bright, Chic Accessories from INC and Popsicle #PopsicleTime #INCpopsicle #INCStyle

My family and I absolutely love celebrating birthdays and events. Sometimes we go all out with decor and other times we want to kick back, relax and settle in for an evening of family fun. This year we are celebrating with none other than The Original Brand Popsicle®. We are sharing this really adorable line that is a collaboration with INC (see pictures below). Plus we are going to give you a few ideas in this 5 Ways to Have a Happy Family Hour post. We have partnered with Popsicle to bring this fun happy hour to you guys.

The Original Brand Popsicle®

Popsicle® Brand Ice pops – the Original Summertime Treat – has been bringing the fun with bright colors and bold, icy-cool refreshing flavors since 1905. The Original Brand Popsicle® is America’s favorite ice pop, loved by kids and parents alike. With their icy-cool refreshing taste, bold flavors and fun shapes, Popsicle® pops come in the iconic yellow box and are available in more than 20 unique flavors including the childhood favorites Orange, Cherry and Grape!

Happy Family Hour with Popsicle®

We have this fun tradition in our family where we just take an hour later in the afternoon to relax. We do this around 4 each day or 3 in the summer. Sometimes we all sit out on the back deck and read or we sit at the kitchen table and play UNO. Sometimes we do something like head to a local restaurant for milkshakes. Yesterday we played cornhole on teams for a friendly competition. We always do something that everyone will enjoy and that we all find relaxing. This is our family fun time.

This week our Happy Family Hour will be a back deck hang out where we will all enjoy The Original Summertime Treat in that iconic yellow box, Popsicle and maybe read some books or magazines.

5 Ways to Have a Happy Family Hour

Here are a few fun things we do to have a happy family hour either at home or somewhere close to home.

1. Share a box of Popsicle and read books. 

2. Talk a walk in the neighborhood and bring an ice cold water bottle for everyone.

3. Play UNO or other card games. Get into a friendly competition.

4. Play cornhole on teams. Our first family project was making our own cornhole set. 

5. Head to a local restaurant for milkshakes or root beer floats. Sit back, relax and enjoy. 

No matter what you do, the key is take that hour and enjoy it together as a family. We relax and have fun.

See the bright & bold Macy's INC + Popsicle collection

This summer, INC International Concepts, exclusively at Macy’s, is teaming up with The Original Brand Popsicle® on a limited-edition collaboration of women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing and accessories. The INC + Popsicle collection features bright, bold colors and playful prints inspired by the iconic Popsicle, allowing trend setters to bring summertime fun to life in a fresh and unique way.

Trend setters can bring summertime fun to life in a fresh and unique which launched this month (May 2017) as part of Macy’s “Celebrate Summer” campaign. Check out the bright, bold colors of the INC + Popsicle Summer Collection at Macy’s today! The INC + Popsicle collection is priced from $20 to $130 and available for purchase through Macy’s stores and Macys.com.

Get social with Popsicle and INC

For more information about Popsicle® pops, please visit popsicle.com or visit the Popsicle® Facebook fan page at Facebook.com/Popsicle. Follow the Popsicle® brand on Twitter at Twitter.com/Popsicle for trivia, jokes, product news and a chance to find Popsicle® product coupons. Popsicle is now on Instagram – follow them at @Popsicle!

This 5 Ways to Have a Happy Family Hour + Bright, Chic Accessories from INC and Popsicle #PopsicleTime #INCpopsicle #INCStyle post is sponsored by The Original Brand Popsicle®.

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  1. What a great sounding way to have a happy family hour. I love the bag and bracelet and the pops sound absolutely yum!

  2. Popsicles always made me happy as well as my kiddos! A family freezer staple I say! That bag though I MUST have it!

  3. The Popsicle brand is the only one my kids will eat. I love the new fashion line. That bracelet is super cute!

  4. These are all such fun ideas! Popsicles are always a pleasant treat in the summer months!

  5. Jennifer G

    OK I LOVE THIS! Not only does the fashion line looks amazing and cute and colourful but we LOVE popsicles. Seriously they are such a fun summer treat!

  6. What a great idea, it’s like a Happy Hour for families. Popsicles and old fashioned games are a great idea for backyard summer fun!

  7. I played UNO with family and friends for hours on end as a kid. Good suggestion for a family time activity. We haven’t played in awhile. I’m going to have to get a deck out this weekend.

  8. I love these posicles! They have been around for the longest time and they are one of the best out there. I love the different flavors. I haven’t had one of them in a while. I need to go get some popsicles today!

  9. popsicles are the best on hot summer days! My kids LOVE them and I do as well (anything that helps keep the body temp down  and taste good is a must : )  I’ll try the Uno idea, because that game is a good one!

  10. These are fun activities. I love the popsicle bag. It’s so cute!

  11. I love popsicles!! I think family time with popsicles sounds great for summer time!!

  12. I love family bonding a way to spend time with your love one is so precious. Popsicles are perfect esp this coming summer.

  13. I love having the idea of Happy Family Hour. We make a night once a week to get comfy and watch a movie together. My family also enjoys these frozen treats. We could have them anytime during the year. Finally, I LOVE that purse! It would be so much fun to sport in the summer months.

  14. Popsicles are such a delicious summer treat! I am in love with that purse though!!!!!

  15. Kathy

    My girls sure love popsicles. I think they’re great to keep cool as well. It’s a great summer treat for my girls.

  16. These are some great ways to have a happy family hour. I love the Popsicle brand!  And Cornhole is a game I would love to get someday.

  17. It has been awhile since my family and I went out for milkshakes or ice cream, but I love that idea! I also love that tote bag. So cute!

  18. Squeee! I love that Macy’s set. That is too cute 🙂 I have never heard of cornhole. What is that?

  19. Popsicles have always been a summertime staple with my family. 🙂

  20. That’s just lovely! It’s always nice to be able to spend more time with the kids and an hour a day especially during the summer is perfect. These are also very nice ideas on how to spend that hour!

  21. Karlyn Cruz

    What a fun idea! This is really fun to do during summer, I totally love your bag too.

  22. Victoria Heckstall

    I love all your fun photos! I’m sure that your family had fun! This is a fun idea this summer.

  23. Popsicles always makes me smile — that’s for sure and if Momma is happy then everyone should be happy, right?

  24. These looks so yummy. Having popsicles is on our Summer bucket list! Will have to check these out.

  25. Oh my, that bag is so fun and just the cutest – totally perfect for summer! We love popsicles over here. It’s one of those things that we love to grab when it’s scorching hot.

  26. This really is adorable, I love the idea of Happy Family Hour! I know that Popsicle’s make everything better too 😉 Beautiful photos, so full of color and happiness.

  27. My kids LOVE playing card games for family time! We usually do our hour after dinner and baths after everyone is relaxed. How cute is that Popsicle Bracelet?!?!

  28. A family hour is such a great idea! I’ll have to put these suggestions to use. We don’t hang enough as a family.

  29. A family hour is such a great idea! With scheduling and the hectic nature of modern life, making time for one solid hour as a family is so important. Love it!

  30. I can still remember Popsicles from when I was a kid, they were so good. I have to get some for my kids. Those Popsicle gifts look like so much fun for everybody.

  31. That popsicle print bag is my favorite thing in life! It’s not summer without a popsicle!

  32. brianne

    I love this post so much. My kiddies love popsicles and I even surprise them at school pick up with them! 

  33. My father-in-law was always was a fan of Popsicles!
    My husband has all kinds of stories of sporting events, etc, in the Summer, followed by popsicle treats.
    I think these are a good treat and definitely indicative of summer fun.

  34. I have been a fan of Popsicles since I was a kid. It’s great to see that some of these brands still exist. And that bag, that bag is everything.

  35. Dogvills

    My summers always had memories of Popsicle. It was like, “alright, its summer. Lets load up on Popsicle” I am happy that they maintained the same quality through all these years! Oh, and BTW, that bracelet is so cute, and the tote bag too!

  36. robin rue

    My youngest son eats a Popsicle every single day. It’s his favorite treat!!

  37. Sound perfect to me! I love when everything is turned off and we are talking and playing all together! 

  38. TColeman

    Popsicles are seriously perfect! This sounds like the perfect family hour time to me.

  39. Jenn Mitchell

    I don’t think there is ever a time where there is not a popsicle in our freezer. These are good all year round!

  40. A family hour is a great idea. With so many places to be and such hectic schedules, making time to dedicate JUST to our families is so important.

  41. Popsicles are just as tasty now as when I was a child. The perfect summer treat. That tassel bracelet is awesome!

  42. Jenna Wood

    Oh heavens I need that purse- what ingenious marketing. Popsicle is a timeless brand from my own childhood which I love sharing with my nieces and nephews.

  43. Amy Desrosiers

    Ok, that is an adorable purse for the summer. I could so rock it with my summer wardrobe.

  44. Love the bright Popsicle accessories. It’s great that you spend so much quality time together with your family. Time spent together is never wasted time.

  45. I love that popsicle purse! Such a cute bag for the summertime.

  46. Claudia Krusch

    Popsicles are a family favorite in my house. I need to stock up on some this weekend.

  47. Elizabeth Lampman

    These are great ways to have a fun family hour. Popsicles have always been a hit with my kids.

  48. What a cute purse! That would be perfect for a summer time wardrobe.

  49. Popsicles are enjoyed year round, in these parts, but they are SO APPRECIATED during the summer! I’m not a fan of the heat, and ANY way I can get some relief, I’ll take it. So happy that it’s been a long time favorite of mine too. And that bag is TOO CUTE! I love that Macy’s is having fun!

  50. Popsicles bring back so many childhood memories for me. As an adult I still love to kick back and chill around the pool with the family and some popsicles.

  51. Popsicles are a summer staple around here. I am loving that bag. Perfect for summer.

  52. Sherry

    I think taking an hour of the day to enjoy it with family is a great idea. We haven’t done that in a while.

  53. Rosie

    We love Popsicles, nothing is as good as the real thing. And I love this Popsicle collection – I’d like to have this bracelet – so cute!

  54. Pam

    That Popsicle purse from Macy’s is super fun! My kids used to love having a Popsicle in the summertime.

  55. What an amazing idea to spend quality time with family.

  56. I love the photos! Keep up with the good work!

    xx, Kris


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