5 Tips for a Successful School Year

5 Tips for a Successful School Year

5 Tips for a Successful School YearTime goes fast when you’re having fun, especially when it comes to your children’s summer break. It’s hard to believe that it’s back-to-school time and you’re sharpening pencils instead of going to the beach. Although sharpening pencils will never be as fun as a trip to the beach with the entire family, you can do your part to make the coming school year fun and successful.


One of the hardest things about the school year is getting back into a routine. Even though starting a school year routine might be a little difficult, it’s something that you need to do for a successful year. Designate a specific bedtime and wake-up time for you and the kids and be sure to follow it. Your meals should also fit into this routine, including making a menu ahead of time so you know what to prepare and packing any lunches the day before. The more structured your routine, the less you’ll be stressed trying to get out the door in the morning.


Being successful with homework is vital to a successful school year. To help make your children more successful this year, give them the tools they need to get homework done, including a distraction-free zone. Set up a specific spot just for homework and provide pencils, paper, calculators, and whatever else your children might need.


No matter how old your children get, they will still have questions for your regarding friends, school, and sports. Make yourself available this school year and encourage open communication. If your children are having problems keeping up in class or if something is preventing them from succeeding in school, you want them to feel comfortable approaching you. Encouraging open communication will allow you to help your children work through problems and get back on the right path to success.


Most teachers would be thrilled to have a parent help out in the classroom. Many classrooms contain 25+ students with one teacher, sometimes even topping 30 students. Although teachers are professionals and have learned to balance this workload, an extra set of hands could provide the extra help and attention your children need for a successful school year. Connect with your children’s teachers and set up a day you come in every week or every month to help out.


School is serious business, but all work and no play can have a negative impact on your children’s attitudes. Have some fun this school year, even if it’s just going to get ice-cream after school. These fun events will help relieve the stress that can build up over time, making this school year successful and stress-free.

There are many things you can do to help make this school year a success for your children. The more you’re involved in your children’s lives, the more likely they will be to succeed.

What are some things you do to help your children out during school?

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  1. My kids do so much better when they are on a routine! I am so happy they are back in school starting today!

  2. I started reading the book The Parent’s Backpack and it has been helpful and eye opening. It shared some tips on how best to get involved with the school and your child’s class.

  3. Great tips! I think routine is great for the whole year, but SO much more when school is in session!

  4. Great tips! Routine is key in my house , we all need it.

  5. I don’t have children so I really don’t stop to consider these sorts of things but I’m sure the mothers that stop by your blog appreciate your tips.

  6. What I love about the job that I have (Working 7pm – 7am Fri-Sat and Sun) is that I have the week off and I can help out in the classroom or at the school in general.

  7. As a teacher I think these are great tips but also add be a little flexible with your schedule so there are no meltdowns.

  8. Lisa

    School starts tomorrow for us! These are great tips to kick things off!

  9. Great tips! I love routines too. Can’t wait to be right back in it!

  10. As much as I love a routine, I’m not looking forward to jumping back into one next week! Open communication is key. Be ready- you never know when the communication flood gates will open. It’s fantastic when they do!

  11. My son isn’t school age yet, but I am looking forward to the natural progression towards a routine that seems to come naturally this time of year. Great tips!

  12. Thanks for all the wonderful tips! As a former teacher, I have to say that it’s great when parents offer to come into the classroom to volunteer but it’s just as helpful when a working parents offers to do things at home! I’d encourage parents to check with their teacher to see how they might be able to help and if sending things home with their kids to do at home might be helpful. Many times it often is! Plus it gives working parents the chance to be involved at a time that works well for them!

  13. Great tips, especially finding time to help out in the class room. It shows your child that you’re invested in their education and the teacher will appreciate it.

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