5 Hair Mistakes That Can Age You Long Hair Short

5 Hair Mistakes That Can Age You

5 Hair Mistakes That Can Age You5 Hair Mistakes That Can Age You

The last thing we all want to do is make ourselves look any older. Right? We've written other posts about makeup mistakes that can age you. Did you know there are mistakes you might be making with your hair that can age you as well? Here are some hair mistakes to avoid in order to keep those tresses and you looking young and healthy. We give you these 5 Hair Mistakes That Can Age You.

1. Going too short

It has been said time and time again that those with shorter hair cuts look a bit more sophisticated. Think of someone you know and in general, as women, we tend to look older and more mature with shorter haircuts. Keep your hair a little longer (at least shoulder length or longer) and healthy looking will keep your look younger.

2. Not keeping it healthy

Having over-processed, damaged looking hair is not flattering to any age but I bet you didn't know that it can make you look older. Those damaged tresses can be very unflattering. Keeping your hair healthy and beautiful will keep you looking young and glowing. Figuring out your hair type is critical to taking good care of your hair. Once you know your hair type, you can tailor a plan to keep your hair nourished and healthy.

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3. Faded or dull hair color

When you hair is faded out it makes it very dull and damaged looking. Keeping color shiny, bright and healthy looking will make you appear younger. Don't over-process your hair but keep your color is looking fresh and bright. how to fix brassy hair color mistakes

4. Outdated style

Style is always evolving with the times and in order to remain looking young, you should definitely go along with those times as well. If you have a very outdated style it will definitely show your age and we definitely don't want that. Feathered hair is no longer a style but there is a hope. There is most like a stylist locally who can help you out and update your look.

5. Tight, slicked back hairstyles

As we get older we should avoid really tight and slick backed hair styles because with nothing framing our face it can really expose any fine lines and wrinkles that we have. A better option for an updo would be to do a looser ponytail and possibly even pull out a couple pieces to frame your face, this will be very flattering for you.

There are also a few products that I highly recommend that I feel like help slow down the aging process at least on my hair. I think that both of these products really keep my hair looking shiny and moisturized. The first thing that I do after washing my hair is towel it dry then add Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair by Aveda. This product repairs damage, moisturizes your hair, helps hair weakened by heat, chemicals or environment and smoothes the hair cuticle.

I love nothing more than nourishing my dry hair with OGX Weightless Healing Oil Treatment, Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen. First, it's important to know that this product is safe for all hair types. I like that! This stuff is truly weightless so it just smoothes my dry hair getting all of those crazy flyaways and giving my hair a little shine. I take this stuff with me everywhere!

If you are one that wants to hang onto your younger years and prevent the inevitable as time goes on you will really want to avoid these mistakes. These things are really simple and easy to fix if you are making these mistakes already, just keep your hair looking healthy and nice and you will take years off of your actual age.

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