5 Fall Activities to Enjoy on a Farm Family Activities
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5 Fall Activities to Enjoy on a Farm

5 Fall Activities to Enjoy on a Farm

If you are near a farm during the fall season, there are many activities you can take advantage.  Farms all throughout the United States have a variety of family-friendly events that are usually budget-friendly too.  Just call around and find the perfect one for your family.


Hayrides take you along paths so that you can explore your surroundings.  Some will take you around the farm and some will go into the woods.  Some of these are haunted, so be sure to check before going just in case you have young children with you.  If it is a chilly day, you should dress warm and bring a blanket along so that you stay comfortable the entire time.


Corn mazes allow you to get lost and enjoy some family bonding.  You will start at one end and will need to find your way out.  Be careful to keep your kids close to you so you do not lose them.  Some of the corn mazes are haunted, so make sure you know before you go.  These are usually not too difficult to figure out and some even give you some tips along the way.


Pumpkin picking is a favorite American pastime.  You can get pumpkins to eat or to decorate your home for the fall season and Halloween.  You will find pumpkins of all sizes and colors at farms.  You just roam the patch until you find the ones that you want.  How these are priced depends on the farm.  Some just use a small/medium/large type of method and some will weigh the pumpkins.


Many farms will also have orchards with plenty of ripe apples ready for the picking.  You can grab a basket and pick as many as you want.  These apples are perfect for pies, fried apples or just eating them as is.  The apples are often priced either by the basket or by weight.  When priced by the basket, you just pay for the basket and can put as many apples as you can into it.  When done by weight, your basket will be weighed after you fill it.


Many farms will have haunted houses during the fall and these are usually family friendly.  In most cases, kids of all ages are invited into them and the characters are not as scary as they are in other haunted houses.  The kids are also often welcome to wear their own costumes and join in on the fun.

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