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Hair Trends in 2020

Hair Trends in 2020

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. For most women, their hair is their crown, a crown that must be protected and taken care of. All hair, whether relaxed or natural, needs care and attention; this is why women–and even men–are careful while picking out hair products. Different types of hair need different products that are dependent on the hair type, hair texture, and even porosity, making haircare a journey worth investing in. We hope that you love these Hair Trends in 2020.

Hair Trends in 2020

Hair Trends in 2020

Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

One of the trends we've seen recently is hair care products with a focus on environmental responsibility. Environmentally friendly products tend to be more human-friendly and might exclude some of the chemicals and detergents that mainstream shampoos, conditioners, and styling products typically carry.

Other products have taken the organic path, with all-natural ingredients. These products range from natural oils to hair masks that incorporate fruits like avocados. Due to the pandemic, most people took up taking care of their hair at home. Recent trends have shown people using avocados, coconut oil, bananas, and many more products for their hair. The results have been tremendous, seeing women flaunt their clean, moisturized, and shiny hair.

Popular Hair Trends

Products for Long Hair & Extensions

Taking care of your hair requires lots of patience, and so does growing out your hair. An upcoming trend has been length retention and extension care. Long hair is beautiful, but it comes along with tasking maintenance. This includes being gentle while styling and trimming it often to cut off split ends. Brands are taking advantage of this trend to release products such as shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments that help in length retention. However, one should understand that hair growth cannot be rushed; we can only control and manage hair length.

Length retention goes concurrently with wig and extension care. Despite the hair not being yours, extensions need a lot of care to maintain its natural look and shine. With wigs becoming more popular, people need to learn how to invest in wig care and length retention.

Hair Trends in 2020Ease Up on the Heat

Some hair influencers this year are discouraging the use of heat on your hair. While heat is known to help in processes such as moisture and protein treatments, excessive heat is discouraged because it thins your hair increasing breakage. If using heat, always remember to use a protective serum or spray.

New High-Tech Tools

Joining the trend is hair tools that use heat to volumize, straighten, or even curl up your hair. These tools include the hair dryer brushes that act as a blow-dryer and a brush at the same time, making straightening of hair even easier, and cordless hair tools. If you are still adamant about using heat on your hair, embrace natural drying methods, which will enhance the natural texture of your hair.

How Much to Wash Your Hair

Do you properly wash your hair? One of the trends has been the dos and don'ts of washing your hair. Some of the tips include oiling your hair before washing it to maintain essential oils in your hair strands that could be stripped while shampooing. Always detangle your hair, whether dry or wet, before shampooing to ease the knots. Rinse your hair for a minute or so with warm water before shampooing to open your pores. Don't forget to scrub and massage your scalp gently while shampooing. This removes any dirt, residue, and flakes while massaging stimulates the scalp. After shampooing, condition your hair. This restores moisture and nutrients to your hair. Ensure that you rinse it off thoroughly to avoid making your hair look dull. Finally, rinse your hair with cold water at the end, which closes the cuticles and seals the moisture in each strand.

Hair Color Trends

Coloring of hair has become very popular. People have chosen to express themselves using different colors and also to get rid of grey hair. There are hair pigmenting artificial dyes that do the job, but people are now embracing natural remedies such as henna or coffee to give the hair some color. The same can be used to get rid of yellowing. We hope that you are inspired by these Hair Trends in 2020.

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