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20 DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas

20 DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas20 DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas

When it comes to renovation and DIY in my home, the first place that I look is at our existing furniture. A great furniture upcycle can save our project thousands of dollars in some cases.  I love that and so when I need to spend money on something, I can do so without guilt because I know that I have saved everywhere else. We hope that you enjoy our 20 DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas post.

  1. How To Upcycle A Table Into A Clock from mountainmodernlife.com
  2. DIY Ladder Shelf Gets A Modern Update from houseologie.com
  3. DIY Colorblocked Office Chair from ajoyfulriot.com
  4. Rustic Paint Cart With Fusion And Old Sign Stencils from funkyjunkinteriors.net
  5. No Mess Makeover from fallforDIY.com
  6. Vintage Saucer Chair Makeover from mypoppet.com.au
  7. DIY Natural Coffee Wood Stain And Beeswax Furniture Polish from sustainmycrafthabit.com
  8. DIY Crate Bookshelf With Rope from grillo-designs.com
  9. Velvet Finishes Furniture Upcycle from designasylumblog.com
  10. My New Old Record Cabinet from saltbushavenue.com
  11. Upcycled Vanity Cabinet With Chalk Paint from DIYcandy.com
  12. Repainted Storage Console from offbeatandinspired.com
  13. Upcycle A $10 Piano Bench from bybrittanygoldwyn.com
  14. DIY Statement Side Table from monsterscircus.com
  15. DIY Upcycled Stool from thecraftables.com
  16. DIY Vanity From A Vintage Sewing Table from lovelyindeed.com
  17. Easy Upcycled Kitchen Chair from thehomespunhydrangea.com
  18. Upcycled Barnwood Style Sideboard from mountainmodernlife.com
  19. How to Reupholster A Stool from threadbarecloak.com
  20. DIY Suitcase Side Table from theweathereddoor.com

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  1. This is such a great list of ideas 🙂 Thanks for thinking of us and including us!

  2. Rosie

    These are some wonderful ideas. I was just thinking how I can’t afford any decent new additions to my spare furniture, now I feel so much better. I love the DIY Ladder Shelf Gets A Modern Update!

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