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20 Beach Essentials

20 Beach Essentials

20 Beach Essentials

These 20 Beach Essentials are exactly what you need for the perfect week at the beach or a weekend beach trip. We curated this list based on need and price. If you have kids, then you need pretty much all of these things and if you are like me, you have to rebuy a lot of things each summer.

We absolutely love the beach and I always want to be prepared as much as possible. I clean and store all of our beach things each year but inevitably something ends up with a hole in it or just doesn't work like it was supposed to work. With these prices you can afford to replace whatever you need.

Toys & Floats:

  1. Dinosaur Sand Claws Sand Toy Set — $13.95
  2. Kelsyus Floating Water Hammock — $19.99
  3. 15-Piece Beach Sand Toy Set — $19.95
  4. Kelsyus Floating Chair — $30.24
  5. Hengda Beach Kite — $12.99
Sun Protection:
Lounging Gear:
  1. Cotton Craft Beach Towels, 2 Pack — $24.99
  2. Coleman 16-Can Cooler — $14.56
  3. Abo Gear Folding Utility Wagon — $77.99
  4. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart — $68.73
  5. Samshine Fashion Striped Beach Tote — $26.99

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