15 DIY Bath Salts Girls Night In Birthday Party Crafts

15 DIY Bath Salts

15 DIY Bath Salts15 DIY Bath Salts

There is nothing more relaxing to me than a nice, hot bath. I especially love utilizing the bath tubs at really fancy hotels whenever I travel and because I travel so much, I tend to always have some bath bombs, handmade soaps or bath salts with me at all times. I have little travel sized containers that I keep everything in and when I travel, I get to break out some of my favorite scents plus the things that I have to hide from my kids or they will just take them because they love baths as much as I do. When you take your bathing as seriously as we do, then you know that bath salts are just the most amazing thing ever. They make my skin feel soft and silky plus they are fabulous. We hope that you love these 15 DIY Bath Salts.

15 DIY Bath Salts

1. Tropical Pina Colada Bath Salts
2. Shimmery Lavender Bath Salts
3. Candy Cane Bath Salts
4. Lavender Orange Bath Salts
5. Bubbling Lavender Bath Salt
6. Orange Creamsicle Bath Salt
7. Mint Bath Salts
15 DIY Bath Salts8. Make Your Own Bath Salt
9. Birthday Cake Bath Salts
10. BubbleGum Bath Salts
11. Single Serve Bath Salts
12. Spruce Bath Salts
13. Finding Dory Bath Salts
14. Unicorn Fizzy Bath Salts
15. Relaxing Homemade Bath Salts

15 DIY Bath SaltsWe hope that you loved these 15 DIY Bath Salts. Let us know if you make any of them.

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