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10 Best Things to do in Italy

10 Best Things to do in Italy

Italy has always been a fascinating country to me and it has been on my bucket list for a long time. I am a huge fan of Italian food, I mean what more could you love about pasta, bread, and cheese…not to mention the wine, you gotta love the wine! Italy is an absolutely beautiful country and if you're looking to experience it fully you won't want to miss out on these ten locations/experiences during your visit. We hope that you enjoy these 10 Best Things to do in Italy. You can also find these attractions among popular Italy tours.

10 Best Things to do in Italy

1. See the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

If you appreciate the fine arts the Uffizi Art Gallery is a stop you will want to make. It is the home to some of the most beautiful art pieces from the Italian Renaissance. It is one of the largest art museums in the world.

2. Visit the Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum hosts around 70,000 works of arts and about 20,000 of those sculptures are on display for viewing. There are so many beautiful pieces of history and I believe that this is a great stop on your trip to Italy.

3. Eat pizza in Naples

Naples is the birthplace of Pizza and truly the best place in the world to indulge in a fresh and savory slice of pizza. I am positive that it will be the best pizza that you have ever had.

4. See an opera in Verona

Verona is the home to some of the most beautiful Opera shows in the world. If you want to see an Opera, seeing it in Verona is the place to see it. You can see the Opera at Arena di Verona. There are several shows to choose from and you won't be disappointed with any of them.

5. Watch an Italian soccer game

Soccer is one of the biggest and most popular sports in Europe. If you have seen a professional soccer game before, seeing a soccer game Italy is a whole new experience. The fans are so incredibly enthused to watch the game and trust me, you'll get just as much into it.

10 Best Things to do in Italy

6. Indulge in gelato

Gelato is an Italian style ice cream and although you can get this delicious dessert in the United States it is nothing quite like having gelato in Italy. Some of the best places to find Gelato in Italy are Ciampini, Carapina, and the Festival del Gelato.

7. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is located in Rome and is one of the largest tourist spots in Rome. Millions of people have tossed a coin in the Trevi Fountain and made a wish. If you visit Italy, you'll definitely want to make a wish of your own.

8. Walk The Colosseum

The Colosseum is a huge oval amphitheater that years ago was used for gladiatorial contests and other public contests and shows for public viewing. Today it is a fascinating part of history and is an amazing sight to see.

9. Leaning Tower of Pisa

I'm sure you have heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is a truly famous monument in Italy. Seeing the tower in person is so much cooler than seeing it in photos and you will definitely want to get that famous photo of you “pushing” the tower that you quite often see.

10. See the beaches in Sardinia

Who doesn't love a nice, relaxing day at the beach? Somehow froclicking for the day on the beach in Italy is so much better than spending the day on the beach in the United States. Sardinia is absolutely gorgeous and the beaches are phenomenal.
These are some of the most exciting, popular, and exhilarating experiences you can do in Italy. The whole country is absolutely beautiful and there is so much to offer. These 10 things are only the beginning when it comes to getting the full Italian experience but I would say they are a pretty darn good start. We hope that you are inspired by these 10 Best Things to do in Italy. Happy travels!
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  1. I am a fan of gelato and I need one whenever I get the chance. I used to get it at an ice-cream shop near the unviersity I was attending, but Gelato in Italy must taste very different. I will definitely make sure to get one at the places you recommend when I visit Italy.

  2. Amy

    If I ever have the chance to visit Italy, I would love to eat pizza in Naples. I would also love a yummy baked treat from their bakeries or their cafes!

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    We have been to Italy several times and I found it really interesting (and enjoyable) to do wine tours and visit ancient ruins. Next time we visit, I will make sure I watch an Italian soccer game.

  4. Elicit Folio

    This is a wonderful list! We loved the pizza in Venice but I would love to go to Naples and try their’s as well! Saving this post!

  5. Jeanine

    How id love to go to Italy right now. So much to see and do! What an experience! This sounds like there would be o much to do and makes it easy to plan!

  6. My daughter and her husband were able to try gelato. They loved it but can’t seem to find any that is the same quality in thier area. Thanks for sharing a great list.

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