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Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First LookCelebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look

With modern technology, cruise ships have become much more advanced than they were in the past. Celebrity Cruises is a great example of a shipbuilder that has taken their ships to a whole new level. The Celebrity Edge is one of the ships that has pushed the boundaries the most for this shipbuilder. We hope that you love this Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look.

Modern luxury is at the top of the list for this shipbuilder. When you are looking for something similar to a luxury resort on water, this is the ship for you. This new ship will surely impress the first passengers who are able to ride on the maiden voyage. The fully immersive travel experience on this ship will help you truly get away on this 13 story masterpiece. Let's go to that Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First LookStaterooms

Larger spaces are at the top of the list for this cruise ship. You are also able to have quick and easy access to the outside areas from your staterooms. Connecting staterooms will also make it easier for families to stay connected on their cruise. Or, if you all want to stay in the same room, you could book the suite that sleeps up to 10. These Edge Class Suites will give you a large area to enjoy when you are even with the largest family or group of friends. The Celebrity Edge Aqua Class staterooms will give you a feeling like you are staying in a nice spa. With the Concierge Class, you will still get beautiful luxury living within a smaller more affordable stateroom. The Oceanview Staterooms are a great way to bring the outdoors inside with a very visible view of the ocean.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look Dining & Bars

The Grand Plaza is like an Italian Plaza on the ocean. Whether morning, evening, or even the wee hours of the morning, you will be able to congregate with other passengers. When in the Grand Plaza, you will feel like you are in a city, not on a ship. With many delicious restaurants, you will be able to enjoy fine dining on the Celebrity Edge cruise ship. A three-story chandelier will add to the beauty our your visit to the Grand Plaza. The Martini Bar is a great place for you to relax and meet new friends.

With 10 bars to choose from, it will not be hard to meet new friends on this cruise. You will be able to sit back and relax with your favorite drink poolside or in a much more club-like atmosphere. The social aspect of these clubs will be very appealing to many passengers onboard.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First LookCelebrity Edge Cruise Ship First LookEntertainment

The are quite a few entertainment options aboard this ship. The theater offers passengers the opportunity to indulge in live performances that incorporate some of the latest technologies. If you are more into the party atmosphere, the club might be the place for you. The club is a multi-use area that changes depending on the day or night. During the day, the club is a gathering place where you can meet new friends, play retro games, or have fun challenging others in a board game. During the evening, you will be able to take part in trivia, game shows, drone racing and more.


The Spa on Edge will give you a place to retreat to and relax when it is time to unwind. the Thermal Suite incorporates nature into a design that makes mindfulness easy. A fitness center will also allow you to keep up with all of your gym routines. It will be easy for you to stay looking sharp with the onboard salon and barbershop.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First LookShopping

No Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look would be complete without the shopping! The shopping experience aboard the Celebrity Edge cruise ship is one that you wouldn't likely be able to find on land in many areas. With a large selection of upscale brands, you will be able to get your fashion on while on the high seas. Some of the stores that you find on the Edge are stores that you could find nowhere else in the world. If you are looking to get some new jewelry, you are going to feel right at home at The Gem. Unique diamond jewelry is available to passengers who want a souvenir that they can wear to the most luxurious parties.

If you are looking for Gucci, Fendi, Tag Heuer, or Omega watches, the Time is Now shop will give you a great selection of beautiful watches. Sense of Self will give you a choice of different A-list bags like Coach, Marc Jacobs, and Martini. To the Edge will allow you to invest in the latest fashions, home goods, and mementos. Cartier and Bulgari are two other watchmakers aboard this cruise ship. If you are looking for a watch to remember your time on the Celebrity Edge, there are top of the line options for you. A Tiffany & Co. makes the whole shopping experience complete when you need to find that special item for your loved one.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First LookKids

When it's time for the kids to have some fun, Camp at Sea can help your kids have an experience they'll likely never forget. With over 500 activities to choose from, your kids will have a blast while you are enjoying other amenities. The Edge also has the biggest Xbox One experience on the ocean.

The new Edge ship is one of Celebrity's greatest endeavors yet. Booking a trip on this ship would be bound to give you memories that you would remember for years. The luxurious modern amenities will make your trip one that will be like no other on the sea. We hope that you are inspired by this Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship First Look. Happy travels.

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