My Skinny Cow WoCavé Mission 2 – Sisters Spa Day

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I have been sharing with you lately about the Skinny Cow campaign that I have been working on this summer. I am in the process of finding my WoCavé™ (wo-cah-vay).

Remember that a WoCavé™  is awoman cave where a woman can find freedom to indulge in any whim or luxury, away from the outside world. WoCavé characteristics may include, but are not limited to: flattering lighting, excessive watching of romantic comedies, choreographing intricate dance routines with friends, and eating SKINNY COW® ice cream before noon.

I have been enjoying myself so much. I have been to a great concert with friends. This week I went to a spa with my sister. We got to chat and just catch up. We really never get enough time to see each other so it was nice to spend time together. It was wonderful to take some time out for me to do some of the things that I don't make time for anymore.

Here was the second mission Skinny Cow gave me:

Spend quality time with a women who has been an inspiration to you. She could be a family member, a girlfriend, a colleague or just a special person in your life. Present a small token to her to symbolize what she means to you, and share a little about how she’s inspired you on your blog. Don’t forget to post a photo of the two of you and frame it for your WoCavé.

Here is what was included in my mission box: Fossil charm bracelets for each of us, Fossil heart charms, Photo Frame, Spa gift card and Book.

My sister and I first talked on the phone to figure out a good time that we could both make it. I called the spa and made the appointments. The place was called The Posh Spot and although neither one of us had ever heard of the place, that doesn't mean much. We both have three children and spa days seem to be behind us so this was a nice treat.

Posh Spot Exterior


We headed into the spa after meeting in our cars right outside. They were ready for us, called us by name and welcomed us to The Posh Spot. We were both offered water and asked to sit in the pedicure chairs.

Posh Spot Interior


We relaxed with ice cold water, our feet soaking in hot water, tons of great magazines and just began to catch up. She loved the book that I gave her:

Jen with Bad Girls Book


I am sure that she could identify with many of the quotes in there! 😉

The pedicures were long and luxurious. They used hot stones and massaged our legs. We were so relaxed. We must have talked non-stop for the entire three hours were were there.

When it was time for finger nails, we both moved next to each other again and resumed conversation.

Jen at Post Spot


After our appointment, I gave her the really cute Fossil bracelet and showed her how I had the matching one.


Jen with Fossil Bracelet

Check out my cute toe nail polish:


The Posh Spot Nail Polish


Why did I choose my sister as someone that I admire?

For many years now, my sister has been a single mother of three children. She works full time, raises her children, takes them to all of their various activities and does a great job at it. For everything that she has been through, she still manages to do it (most of the time) with a smile. I cannot imagine having to do everything that she does.

Sisters Spa Day Picture


We had a wonderful day and I loved getting to spend some time with her where we got to relax, just hang and pretend for a few hours that we were kids again. We definitely found our WoCavé™ at the spa that day!

Skinny Cow WoCave

Learn more about what a WoCavé™ (wo-cah-vay) is and how you can find your own WoCavé by reading my other posts:

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  1. Tanya

    Makes me want to create a Wocave!! spa days with sisters are always so much fun!

  2. I love the idea of a wocave and a Sister’s Spa Day! Skinny Cow sure does have some yummy products and I love that they are encouraging some pampering time. 🙂

  3. What a super fun sister-day. I’m sure she really enjoyed it – well both of you!!

  4. Alaina Bullock

    How awesome! I love the idea behind the Wocave! I need this so badly! A day at the spa, a night out with the girls, a trip out of town….it would be so nice! It sounds like you and your sister had a great time together!

  5. Sabrina Radke

    Adore this! I would love to do this with both my sisters, love your toes and shoes too 😉

  6. I love spa days and usually sneak away by myself to have one.
    But you’ve reminded me that I should invite a friend or two along!

  7. Aw! What a sweet sister’s day. My sisters and I have sisters’ day too but not as relaxing. We usually just go out for lunch or grab a movie or go bowling. I’d love a spay day with my sister’s that would be fun!

  8. I just had a pedicure day with my niece and we had such fun. What a wonderful campaign!

  9. Krista

    I love this! My sisters are also pretty awesome, and I’d love to do something like this for them! 🙂

  10. sounds very nice and relaxing — I so need a day like this!

  11. You are so sweet to include your sister. glad you both had a great day!!

  12. That’s great that you got sister time. My last time I was ALONE with my sister was during the Dirty Girl Mud Run earlier this year. We are also signed up for Pretty Muddy later this year. EXCITED!

  13. Love your toe polish color – what a great way to get some Wo-Cave time with your sister!

  14. That looks like a fun, relaxing time. Nice choice on the pedicure color!

  15. Charu

    I think it’s WONDERFUL that you and your sister had a spa date…plus your tootsies look lovely! I had a great time doing mine as well –enjoy your treats 🙂

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