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How to Fake Fuller Lips Divine LifestyleHow to Fake Fuller Lips

A really common make-up trend these days are the dark, full lips made extremely popular by Miss Kylie Jenner. Everyone is ranting and raving about how you can get that perfect pout just like Kylie. An obvious choice would be to simply get lip injections to give yourself a more permanent look, however these can be expensive and there are a few ways that you can create a fuller lip look without any type of cosmetic procedure. Want to know How to Fake Fuller Lips? We share the secrets.

Lip Plumping Products

For years there has been lip plumping glosses and products that you can apply and this will give you the illusion that you have nice and full lips. I will tell you these products tend to give your lips a tingling sensation but it is not so uncomfortable that you cannot wear regularly. The formula of the gloss will help to plump up those lips and give you a perfect lip look. This Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker trio plumps your lips in your favorite colors or if you prefer a clear product, try the Physicians Formula Plump Potion Needle-Free Lip Plumping Cocktail, Clear Potion.

Draw Outside Your Lips

Another great method is to draw on your lips a little bigger than what they truly are. With this one you have to be careful because if you go too crazy people will notice what you have done and know that your lips are not really that big. What you want to do is simply grab a lip liner and line your lips, with your top lip just line it slightly above where your actual lip line is and then fill them in and you will have a slightly larger lip look instantly. I personally use L'oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner, Nudes for Life and I just purchased this Italia Deluxe Ultra Fine Lip Liner set of 12.

Lip Plumping Devices

Now that the whole big lip trend is so popular, there are actually products out there that will plump up your lips temporarily. These tend to be a plastic or rubber device that you simply suction onto your lips for about a minute and it will create a plumping effect. These can be found at most places that sell makeup and cosmetics. While I don't use them, I found this highly rated SMOOCH Lip Plumping Treatment for Long-Lasting Sexy, Full Lips Without Injections.

If you are wanting to achieve a plumped up, pouty look with your lips without the cosmetic procedure and commitment, try out these simple ways to give yourself the look you've been wanting.

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