Goodwill’s Donate Stuff to Create Jobs Campaign

Goodwill’s Donate Stuff to Create Jobs Campaign #DonateStuffCreateJobs

Goodwill’s Donate Stuff to Create Jobs Campaign

Every time technology changes, I’m torn between holding on to my favorite gadgets or donating them. On the one hand, it’s really hard to let go of a phone or tablet I really love. On the other hand, I pride myself in keeping up with technology and staying current with my gadgets. Factor in the kids who like the latest and greatest in tech and that adds up to a lot of outdated computers, tablets, phones… you name it, we probably have it.

However, getting rid of home electronic items isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to accomplish. Unless of course, you hand them down to family and friends or build a shrine out of those outdated electronics. What else can you do with your stockpile of outdated electronics? (Don’t judge me.)

Goodwill’s Donate Stuff to Create Jobs Campaign #DonateStuffCreateJobs

Thankfully Goodwill’s Donate Stuff to Create Jobs Campaign has a win-win solution.

Every item donated to Goodwill helps the community by funding job training and placement opportunities to those with disadvantages. The items you donate not only stay out of landfills and help the environment, but they also work to create job preparation, onsite and virtual training, education, mentoring, and job placement services.

The country has a large workforce gap; from under employed, nearly 15 percent, to almost nine million jobless Americans. Each one in need of training and help in finding work. Goodwill programs work because they helped place more than 312,000 people in jobs in the United States and Canada in 2015 – that’s one person finding a job every 23seconds of every business day.

Check out the Put Your Stuff Back to Work Video

As you gather up your old electronics or declutter your house from those unwanted items, you can even calculate your community impact. Goodwill makes it easy to calculate how much your donation helps your local community by using Goodwill’s Donation Impact Calculator, a feature available within the Goodwill Locator App available for Android and iOS devices and at

Goodwill’s Donate Stuff to Create Jobs Campaign #DonateStuffCreateJobsWhat good are those outdated electronics doing you just sitting there and taking up space?

Put them to good use and donate them to Goodwill.

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy

    This is pretty awesome. I actually donate all our unwanted clothes to Goodwill.

  2. I think that is so great! We already donate regularly to Goodwill to help support all the good work they do. Hopefully, more will do the same.

  3. I think that is so great! We already donate regularly to Goodwill to help support all the good work they do. Hopefully, more will do the same.

  4. This sounds like such a great initiative! Helping people and creating jobs! That is such a win/win.

  5. Cynthia R

    There was some controversy here about goodwill because the regional CEO makes like half million and the charities were all off shore. Still I do shop at the goodwill, lots of great finds. We normally donate to the rescue center that funds the homeless shelters.

  6. Catherine Sargent

    This sounds like such a great campaign. I will have to go through the house and see what all I can donate.

  7. Pam Wattenbarger

    I shop at the Goodwill near my house all the time. This is a great campaign by Goodwill.

  8. I have so much stuff to donate. I wish I could make time to go through it all and get it sorted out.

  9. I think it’s great that you can give your items to charity that will really help the community. I have a box of stuff in my basement to drop off, and I’m sure there’s a tablet or two in there we aren’t using anymore!

  10. Reesa Lewandowski

    What a great thing Goodwill is doing here!!!

  11. Goodwill shows such a good effort.
    When we drop off items there (at a center in town), they are always so friendly and helpful!

  12. Brianne

    Goodwill is so great, I love what they are doing! We are constantly donating our clothing! 

  13. Kristi

    I have two bags ready to donate here soon… but just when i think I am ready to bring them in I find more stuff. Purging and getting rid of stuff is the name of the game right now.

  14. I think this is such an important initiative. I love to see other give a hand up as well as a hand out.

  15. Rosey

    I think it’s wonderful that the solution for so many is also a big help to others. I appreciate the good things Goodwill does for others and the communtiies around them too.

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