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20 DIY Sequin Home Decor Projects

20 DIY Sequin Home Decor Projects20 DIY Sequin Home Decor Projects

I love a little sparkle and shine no matter where I am at. This is especially true in my home and with my clothing. A nice shiny accent piece with some sequins or metallic paint is exactly the kind of craft I am talking about. There are a lot of lowkey ways to make things look a little more glam. If you have any projects that you love, leave us a link below and we may add it to our list. We hope that you enjoy our 20 DIY Sequin Home Decor Projects.

  1. DIY Sequin Marquee Heart from
  2. DIY Banana Sequin Art from
  3. DIY Sequin Xoxo Letters from
  4. DIY Sequin Ornaments from
  5. DIY Ombre Sequin Ornaments from
  6. DIY Sequin Wreath from
  7. Sequin Letter Garland DIY from
  8. Disco Love Sign from
  9. Valentine Sequin Candles from
  10. DIY Sequined Hello Pillow from
  11. How To Make DIY Sequin Art from
  12. DIY Gold Sequin Letters from
  13. DIY Sequin Wreath from
  14. Anthropologie-Inspired Felt Lobster Ornament from
  15. DIY Sequin Pillow from
  16. DIY Sequin Tree Pillow For Christmas from
  17. Sequin Tassel DIY from
  18. DIY Sequin Hanger from
  19. Sequin Candle Holders†from
  20. Sequin Monogram Letter DIY from

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  1. Rosie

    ohh I’m going cuckoo for these. I love making pillows, and haven’t tried using sequins yet. The other things are adorable, too!

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