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Zuvo Water Purator


I freely admit that I am a bottled water junkie. I cannot help it. The containers are so easy to carry around, shove into a purse or keep on my nightstand. With three children, the more secure the better.

However, lately I have felt bad about the amount of water bottles that we go through in this house. Everyone, including all three kids, drinks water. That adds up to a lot of bottles.

For a long time we went the route of filling up and reusing the bottles but we were still buying them. I have slowly been transitioning to other methods of getting my water in daily.

Something to consider is the new Zuvo Water Purator which is a winner of the Summer 2009, Parent Tested/Parent Approved Award (which I happen to be a member of). The Zuvo Water Purator is a new point-of-use water treatment system that is not only more cost effective than pitcher filters or bottled water, but also helps people reduce waste and limit the environmental impact of bottled water.

This compact, chemical-free water system attaches to a standard kitchen faucet or connects in-line with plumbing under the sink. Using a patented 5-step puration process, the Zuvo Water Purator mimics nature’s water cleansing process by exposing tap water to UV light and ozone, creating a harmful environment for water-borne bacteria and microorganisms, while trapping particles and dissolved solids in a carbon filter.

This process not only preserves the valuable mineral content in the water, but it reduces bad tastes, potentially unhealthy contaminants, and cuts down waste.

Better for your health

The Zuvo Water Purator replicates nature's water-cleansing process, reducing contaminants while preserving your water's natural and healthy mineral content.

Better for your wallet

Over time, Zuvo costs a fraction of what you'll spend on bottled water or pitcher filters

Better for the planet

With Zuvo, you can make a difference by not adding to the more than 60 million plastic water bottles that end up in our landfills every day.

You can learn more about the Zuvo Water system and how it works here www.zuvowater.com

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