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Wordless Wednesday – What Papi?

Pacifiers are called “papi's” in our house. Not sure why but it has always been that way. My four year old tells us that she has given up the “papi” for the most part because she is a big girl. But there are times when she says “Today I am a little girl.” This was one of those days.

Annabella Pacifier Baby

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  1. Susan

    LOL, that is a cute pic.

  2. What beautiful eyes and lashes, just incredible. Happy WW

  3. OMG that is too funny. How did she get all of those to stick??

  4. Back Road New England Stone Wall – Moomette’s Magnificents

  5. my dh made charlotte give up hers just after three…it was harder on me!


  6. Elizabeth

    Haha. That’s so cute.

  7. HA! So cute. I told my daughter a little story about how her paci went away and got lost and will never come back just so she’ll stop using them! lol

  8. Shopaholic

    Oh funny! my son likes to put two in his mouth at the same time, he’s only two. He calls them “num nums” ?

  9. Staci

    Please don’t take offense, but you’re daughter has a really big mouth to fit that many pacifiers, or they’re making them a lot smaller these days than when I was a kid. Too cute.

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