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Wish I Had a Wet Ones

Wet Ones Six Flags Fresh Scent Anti-Bacterial Wipes

I am being compensated by Wet Ones for my participation in this campaign as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.

I am just going to freely admit that I love Wet Ones. I use them constantly and have a container in every car plus in several places around the house. I love the fact they are wipes instead of liquid and this makes it much easier for my kids to use them as well. They are great for on the go (no water needed) and they kill bacteria.

Each summer we spend a lot of time at Six Flags and this is definitely one place where I always bring my Wet Ones.


Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are the 2-in-1 way to wipe out dirt and messes. They kill 99.99% of bacteria when soap and water aren’t available, are hypoallergenic, contain aloe and lanolin and are easy on skin for even the littlest of hands. PLUS, Wet Ones come in convenient sizes that can be used in and out of the home like discreetly tucked away into purses, brought onto airplanes, or used whenever a sink is out of reach like these:

  • 40 count canister, which is designed to fit into a standard car cup holder
  • 15 and 20ct travel packs
  • 24 count box of individually wrapped single wipes

Wet Ones are available in mass retailers, grocery and drug stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.wetones.com.

Wet Ones Six Flags 2 Fresh Scent Anti-Bacterial WipesGET A FREE KID'S TICKET AT SIX FLAGS WHEN YOU BUY WET ONES

Now you can get one FREE Six Flags kid’s ticket with purchase of a full price general admission ticket weekdays (up to $51.99 value) or $10 off one (1) full price general admission ticket weekends. Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Wet Ones product (excluding travel and trial sizes)
  2. Snap a photo of the receipt
  3. Text WETONES to 811811 for submission instructions. Alternate options are to email image of receipt to receipts@wetonessixflags.com or upload image of the receipt to sixflagswetones.com
  4. Once receipt upload is verified, consumers will be taken to the registration page on www.sixflagswetones.com to provide their information to receive their free ticket voucher via a personalized email (to avoid duplications)
  5. On the registration page, consumers will also have a chance to enter to win the ‘Wish I Were a Six Flags VIP’ trip, which will allow the winners to choose which park they would like visit


One lucky reader of Divine Lifestyle will receive four (4) tickets to Six Flags that are valid for the 2015 operating season only.
To enter, tell me why you wish they had a Wet Ones in the comments section below. Use the Rafflecopter to record your entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am being compensated by Wet Ones for my participation in this campaign as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.

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  1. Tammy Sigond

    Wet Ones help me keep my family clean and refreshed while out and about…happy mom happy family!

  2. Catherine S

    I always keep Wet Ones in the car. You never know when you might need one when you are out and about. I would love to go to Six Flags. I have not been since I was a kid.

  3. These are a diaper bag and car box must! Little boy means sticky and chocolatey hands at any moment, and we’ve used these a BUNCH in the past year. Adding another kid to the fold really means we’re in for MORE messes.

  4. Kristin G

    I need Wet Ones because my son and I are always on the go. He loves to snack in the car so Wet Ones always come in handy to make the cleanup easier.

  5. I have three kids, so I keep Wet ones on hand at ALL times. Thanks for the giveaway, too. We love Six Flags!

  6. These are so nice to have around the house in various places. If you have kids living with you then they are life savers!

  7. Kristi

    Wet Ones are great for car and car picnics… when we have food while out traveling and wandering. A great deal for the Six flag ticket too.

  8. Tanya Taylor

    I am always out and about with my family and often times we need a WetOne to clean our hands or our space and be free of germs! I like that it cleans better than hand sanitizers!!

  9. Becky

    Always have to have wet ones. Especially with little ones. They are great for everything

  10. carol n

    Wet ones are so wonderful to have on hand esp for those messy little hands and faces.

  11. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I always have Wet Ones with me. I keep some in my “mom” bag and in the car.

  12. Amy Tolley

    we love wet one we use them every where especially with little ones

  13. Sarah southward

    Wish I had a wet one to wipe off that chocolate I just shoved into my mouth with the hopes of my kids not seeing me

  14. Kristen

    I need a Wet Ones for the times when someone is eating in the car…I don’t want sticky hands to get everywhere!

  15. bianca roman

    speaking of wet ones, i need to replenish my stash! you absolutely never know when you’re going to need these (especially in the car). it could be a simple small spill of your drink or your child vomiting all over himself :(((( (yeah let’s not talk about that one)

  16. Oh how I wish we had a six flags near by! So fun. I make sure to always have wet ones around, especially if we go to the park! Always in my bag!

  17. Leigh Anne Borders

    I am a mother of boys and we are always need of Wet Ones! Turn my head for a second and they are into everything! As an adult I need them too. They are always great to have on hand because you never know when you might need them!

  18. Janet W.

    I need Wet Ones to help keep my family germ-free. They come in handy when we can’t get to a bathroom to wash our hands!

  19. Dawn Monroe

    I need Wet Ones because I have 7 grand kids who are always sticky for some reason, lol.

  20. We use a ton of antibacterial wipes in our house! And we love six flags!

  21. I need Wet Ones because my family is a messy bunch! We seem to always need a cleaning touch up!

  22. We keep these around ALL the time! You never know when you need one. I love the singles too…so convenient! Awesome deal on the Six Flags ticket too!!! Thank you!

  23. I need Wet Ones because I have two kids who tend to attract every piece of dirt or sticky mess that’s around. We are constantly on clean up patrol!

  24. christopher sorel

    kids are still kids at 10 and 11 they get dirty. Wet ones rock

  25. I needed Wet Ones for the car ride to Florida! You can never have enough on a road trip!

  26. Even though all five of our kids are big now, I still keep them in the car door. If I’ve been shopping I want to get in the car and wipe down my hands right away. I feel like it helps keep us from getting sick.

  27. I love visiting Six Flags. I haven’t been to a Six Flags in over 15 yrs.

  28. Samantha C.

    I have 4 messy children!


    I need them because I have a three year old who has an ability to find things to make mess wherever he goes.

  30. Rosey

    I like that they kill bacteria. These are handy any time of year, but they are most especially handy during the warm weather.

  31. ILona

    I make a bigger mess then the kids! I can’t live without Wet ones!

  32. I would love to visit Six Flags! I will be entering this giveaway. I won’t forget the Wet Ones either!

  33. I keep Wet Ones in my car, in the house, and take them when we go out and about. They are so great to have around for cleaning hands up!

  34. We need Wet Ones because my family and I tend to spill drinks or get dirty more often than not. Wet Ones would have helped in many of these situations.

  35. MaryAnn

    I have two little kids that are always making messes. That is why I need wet ones.

  36. Not going to lie, I would LOVE to win this giveaway. I’ve lived near a Six Flags my entire life but have never been able to go. I would love to change that!

  37. I love Wet Ones sanitizing wipes. I always have them on hand when I’m cooking or trying out makeup swatches.

  38. I haven’t been to a Six Flags in years! I love love love roller coasters, so I always have a blast.

  39. I try to make sure I have ways to keep the kids clean & germ-free whenever we are out. I need to pick up some more Wet Ones before our next outing.

  40. Soha Molina

    I like them because they clean up a mess.

  41. Christie L

    I like to keep them in my car since we have many messes on the road

  42. Danielle

    Because my kids always have sticky hands!

  43. We need Wet Ones to keep the kids’ clean while we’re out and about on a daily basis.

  44. I like having wet ones on hand. Great for a little mess.

  45. We always have Wet Ones on hand! What a great deal with the Six Flags and Wet Ones partnership!

  46. I can’t tell you how may times I have made that statement. 4 tickets to Six Flags! Awesome!

  47. Leela

    My kids are always getting dirty.

  48. kelly Tupick

    Wet ones are needed in my fmaily as we are always getting dirty and sticky. My daughter is always spilling something and these really do come in handy when you are on the go and need something to clean up with.

  49. Melissa Moore

    With 3 boys these come in handy.

  50. omg we use wet wipes for everything! love using them to wash my baby’s hands and their faces!!!

  51. They are so handy to have around! Especially when you have messy kids or dogs!

  52. Who doesnt want to go to Six Flags! I would love to go this year!

  53. Fun! It’s been ages since I have been to a 6 Flags. But, I do keep Wet Ones handy. Especially in my car. Never know when you need a quick clean.

  54. Rochel S

    I use it for everything! Especially sticky hands and faces after eating!

  55. Amanda Whitley

    i want wet ones because i have two kids that love eating pb&j and other sticky foods this would help take off.

  56. This is such a fun giveaway! I wish we had a Six Flags near us!

  57. Liz N

    I need Wet Ones to wipe off my dog’s paws before he comes in the house! He likes to play in the mud but I do not like the mud inside, obviously!

  58. Betty B.

    I need wet ones because I have 3 little boys 😉 need I say more. They’re are always making a mess so having wet ones on hand is a MUST I don’t leave the house without them!

  59. Briann Neeley

    I have 2 girls that always need Wet Ones! They love to play outside, get dirty and of course eat messy! I am always in need of those!

  60. carol clark

    i need wet ones to wipe my sons hands and clean his face after eating a hot dog and clean up the mess that comes with that

  61. Shakeia Rieux

    We always have Wet Ones on hand in case we go out to eat,when the kids play at the park and when at the store.

  62. Kevin E

    We need Wet Ones after eating cotton candy at Six Flags!

  63. Jennifer Tilson

    I need Wet Ones because my kids wear as much of their food as they eat.

  64. Kat

    We invited a crowd over to watch the Blackhawks Vs. Ducks the other night. I ordered hot wings from a place up the street and they gave me two wet wipes with an order of 50 wings! I wish I had a canister of Wet Ones to offer my guests.

  65. Kim Reid

    I need Wet Ones for sticky fingers after a sweet treat like ice cream when away from home!!

  66. Maureen

    We need wet ones because we are always at the playground or at a park playing. My kids’ hands get so dirty while they play and often times, we pack a picnic lunch or dinner, so we need something easy to wash our hands with. We love Wet Ones!


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