When Is the Ideal Time to Click Outdoor Photos?

When Is the Ideal Time to Click Outdoor Photos? Find Out In This Guide!

When Is the Ideal Time to Click Outdoor Photos? Find Out In This Guide!


When Is the Ideal Time to Click Outdoor Photos? Find Out In This Guide!

Do you want to know what time of the day is best for taking stunning outdoor photos? This extensive guide will teach you how to use the outside light to compose different photos. 

Professional photographers often use the tips outlined below to use the outdoor light effectively. Let's dive in! 

Before The Sun Rises

To get a magical picture, you must take advantage of the Golden Hour that spans half an hour before the sunrise and one hour after it. Start by finding a building that has at least one light bulb outside. 

Turn that light on and capture the building exterior to get a beautiful combination of the sky's blue color and the bulb's yellow. You can also use backdrops for photography to enhance your photos aesthetics!

Into The Sunrise 

The best time to create lens flare photography is immediately after the sun has risen. Point your camera directly towards the sun, and you'll get some gorgeous golden photos. If your photo appears too dark, increase the Exposure Compensation value in your camera until you achieve your desired brightness. 

Make sure you are not looking directly through the camera's eyepiece when trying this technique because it can cause eye damage. When photographing directly into the sun, you must be clicking using the rear screen.

An Hour After Sunrise

An hour after sunrise, the lighting that you get is perfect for photographing gardens. Place your camera at such an angle that the sun falls directly behind the plants, and your camera points towards the sun. This technique of illuminating your subjects from behind is called back-lighting. 

Shade In Harsh Light

Do you want to photograph people, but the midday sunlight is too harsh? Don't just go home and wait for the sun to go down. Just ask your subjects to move to the shady side of a building. This will help create a well-lit shot without any golden lighting from the sun.

Evening Golden Hour

Evening golden hour works the same way as the golden morning hour. The only difference is that of the subjects. Morning light is usually used to capture crowd-free photos, whereas evening light works great for crowded festivals and events. Aim to use different backdrops for photography to create your masterpiece during the evening.  

Artificial Lighting In The Evening

Use artificial lighting to your advantage by capturing the evening light in unison. Choose a location like a restaurant with lighting decor on the exterior. Now, make sure the light from the sky is of the same brightness as the electric lights of the building. This will allow the glow of the artificial lights to shine without overshadowing your subject. 

Under The Setting Sun

Don't forget to use the setting sun in your frame. Simply ask your subject to position themselves under the setting sun and witness a lovely soft glow surrounding them as you click their picture. 

Don't stop photographing right after the sun has set. The darkening sky will gradually become bluer, and the nearby architecture will turn yellowish. This play of colors is great for capturing fascinating shots. 

Moonlight For Blue Landscapes

Don't underestimate the moonlight; it's an excellent lighting source if you know how to utilize it well. The moonlight bathes the earth in a soft blue light that can create a breathtaking soft blue landscape. 

Place your camera on a tripod for this one and aim it at your landscape. Gently press the shutter button and let the camera finish the exposure for a minute or two. If done right, the result will be jaw-dropping. 

The truth is, you can always click some great photos regardless of what type of light is there outside. The trick is to know what kind of shots will look better in what kind of lighting. Don't believe us? Try a few of the tips we mentioned above and see for yourself. 



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