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What is With These Hot Flashes ?!?! Information about Menopause

Did you know that menopause can begin in women as soon as their early 30's? I had no idea until a friend of mine told me that she had gone through early menopause. I had no clue that women in their 30's, especially early 30's could go through menopause so early.


Menopause is a condition that is completely normal and experienced by all women as we age. The term menopause is actually used to describe the changes that we as women experience right before of just after we stop menstruating. This also marks the end of our reproductive period.


We (women) have a limited number of eggs stored in the ovaries in our body. Our ovaries produce estrogren and progesterone. These hormones regulate ovulation and menstruation. Menopause happens when menstruation stops and the ovaries are no longer producing an egg every month.

Natural menopause occurs after 40 and is a normal part of the aging process. But some women do experience early menopause. This happens for many reasons including but no limited to chemotherapy, damage to the ovaries and a hysterectomy or other surgery. Premature menopause is the term for when menopause occurs before 40 regardless of the cause.


There are many menopause symptoms although most of us usually associate menopause with hot flashes. There are a whole host of symptoms that women can and do experience. The menopause community is large and very knowledgeable.  Here they are and please note, if you think that you are going through menopause or are experiencing some or all of these symptoms, you should definitely consult your doctor!

Hot flashes (yeah, we all know about this one, right?)
Menstrual Cycle Changes (i.e. shorter or longer periods, lighter or heavier period or skipped/missed)
Heart Palpitations skipped heartbeats
Mood swings
Night sweats
Shaking internally or tremor-like feelings
Dry skin and skin changes
Vaginal dryness
Wheezing or coughing
Allergies or sinus problems
Pain during sex plus decreased / non-existent libido
Forgetfulness and memory / concentration problems
Panic attacks
Depression and/or Anxiety
Crying for no reason
General irritability and/or anger
Hair loss or thinning
Urinary infections and/or incontinence
Increase in body fat

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