What is financial infidelity

What Is financial Infidelity?

What Is Financial Infidelity?

The idea of discovering that your partner has cheated on you is the ultimate betrayal. Your life is shattered in a single moment and suddenly all their strange behavior makes perfect sense.

Everything is changed and nothing can go back to how it was before. There’s just the life before the revelation and the one after it.

Betrayal and infidelity make us think of our partner cheating sexually or even emotionally with someone else, but did you know that there is another way that a partner can break those bonds of trust? We hope that you find this What is Financial Infidelity post useful. 


What is financial infidelity?



It’s called financial cheating or financial infidelity and a high number of adults are guilty of it. While it may not have the same emotional repercussions as a physical or romantic affair, financial infidelity can destroy relationships and break down family life just as easily. 

What are the signs you should be looking for? Are you concerned about your partner’s behavior around debt or finances? Read on to discover the clues that your partner may be cheating on you financially. 

What is financial infidelity?


They’re defensive about money

If your partner is feeling guilty or worried about their finances, then they might overreact to the slightest nudge, which leaves you in the firing line.

If simple questions like “Did you pay the rent?” are met with anger, frustration, and a complete overreaction then they could be hiding something.

A simple question might give them an unwanted reminder about their situation or make them worry that you’re getting suspicious


They won’t let you get the mail

Do they rush to the mailbox to get the mail before you? Or do they open it away from you? Are you noticing letters from companies that you don't recognize? All of these are tell-tale signs that something isn't right. 



What is financial infidelity


Money is unaccounted for

If you share an account and you notice that a bill hasn’t been paid, or that large or numerous withdrawals are unaccounted for or unexplained then it should be a red flag.

If you have a shared account or joint savings, then you should know where your money is going. Contact your bank for a full statement as soon as possible.




Your house is full of things you can’t afford

You should have a pretty good understanding of your finances, so you may be acutely aware that you can't afford that new laptop or designer watch that your loved one is currently wearing.

You might believe that it's obvious to notice someone filling their home with things they can't afford, but if your loved one is claiming that they're “spoiling” you, or if their employer is treating their staff with huge, unexplained bonuses, then ask for some clarity. 

If you believe your partner is cheating on you financially, speak with them! We hope that you find this What is Financial Infidelity post valuable. Good luck!

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