What Do You Value Most?
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What Do You Value Most?

What Do You Value Most?

Our society is known to compare. Many compare themselves to others, and it can be a big source of insecurity. Oftentimes people compare what they may not have that others do, or what they can’t do that others can, etc. Wealth is often the main factor in these comparisons. People want nothing but the best, but sometimes they don’t realize that they have everything they need and don’t need to compare themselves to others. That comparison is just going to bring you down. You may sit at home and think you don’t have things of value in your home. Your friend has a bigger home, better car, and nicer furniture, but what you may not realize is that you do have things of value. When evaluating your net worth, you may have items in your home of value that you might not initially consider. We hope that this What Do You Value Most? post inspires you. 

What Do You Value Most?

What Do You Value Most?


If you own a home, it is usually your largest asset. Investing in a home is a smart decision, and you can oftentimes make money in doing so. The thing you want to avoid the most is purchasing a home that is overvalued and, in turn, overpaying. Then you will never get your money back. The key is to buy the worst house on the block fix it up and make money on its equity. There are many ways you can add value to your home, including renovations, decorating, or even just adding a fresh coat of paint. Equity in your home can easily be forgotten, but it is a large portion of your worth.


Jewelry is also an obvious choice when it comes to thinking of valuable things in the home. An engagement ring, earrings, necklaces, or watches are extremely valuable and can often be passed down from generation to generation. Along with your jewelry collection, you may be trusted with inherited pieces from family members who have passed. If your grandmother (who’s never tired of telling you that she was proposed to and given both of her engagement rings in San Diego, California, on moonlit nights with the Pacific Ocean sparkling in the background) left you her jewelry in her will, then you want to be sure you take those into account. My brother has a pocket watch of my grandfather’s that was passed down to him. It will always remind him of my grandfather, and he tends to wear it for formal events. A lot of women have staple items of larger value like diamond earrings or necklaces as well as their engagement rings. A tennis bracelet is also a nice staple item that is of value.


People have varying thoughts on cars and their values. A lot of people say that they lose their value as soon as you drive them off the lot. Other car investors would say otherwise. If you know what you are doing, then it may be a good investment. Regardless, if you own vehicles, then they can be a part of your net worth. Not only vehicles but also motorcycles, bikes, boats, four-wheelers, and the like have a large value and would contribute to your monetary worth.


Electronics play a big role in our lives. It has come to the point where every aspect involves technology of some sort, I believe. Some of these technological devices can be worth something and add value to your home. The obvious start is your phone, most people's lifeline. However, you may also have such items as home security systems, Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices, computers, laptops, televisions, and speaker systems. Lighting systems, tablets, and cameras. 

Non-Material Items

As discussed at the beginning of this article, when you think of value, you often equate that with wealth. That surely isn’t the case. What is valuable is more than that. Your relationships with people and yourself are what is important. The love between other people and yourself is what makes life valuable. Take the time to evaluate what you have in your life that is a non-material item and show gratitude. Gratitude and value of a smile, a hug, or the sun. All of these things can’t be bought but are of huge value. 

Although it isn’t fair to compare to others, sometimes we do need to evaluate our lives and what we value (either monetarily or not). Now is the time to see what adds value to your home. We hope that this What Do You Value Most? post inspires you. Good luck!

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