Ways to Bond with Your Baby
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5 Ways To Bond With Your Baby During Pregnancy

Ways To Bond With Your Baby

Pregnancy produces a mixture of emotions for mothers. There is a feeling of happiness and pride as you think about the little life that’s gradually developing inside of you. There is also fear about things that could go wrong during pregnancy. All these emotions may make it hard for you to bond with the baby. Hence, the reason we have prepared this guide. We hope that this Ways to Bond with Your Baby post inspires you. 


Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Ways to Bond with Your Baby


Sing and Talk

Your baby starts listening to your conversations when they’re 23 weeks old. The first ‘song’ your baby listens to is your heartbeat. From morning to evening, they’re constantly listening.

Your baby also grows fond of your voice as you speak and go about your daily business. Deepen that bond by singing to them.

Speak to them as you caress the baby bump. Imagine you’re holding your baby and telling them pleasant things.


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Utilize a Fetal Monitor

Another way to bond with your baby is to monitor their vitals. Use an at-home fetal doppler to hear your baby's heartbeat. Most manufacturers will recommend using a Doppler after 16 weeks.

A Doppler is a device that utilizes sound waves to monitor your baby’s heartbeat. Before utilizing it, apply some gel to your stomach. The gel helps with the conduction of sound; it allows for better sound quality.

When listening to your baby, you have two options: earphones or a loudspeaker. Please note that you won’t hear the baby immediately. You’ll have to move the device slowly around your abdomen.


Warm Bubble Baths

Bonding with your baby starts by making them comfortable. This means when you’re comfortable, they’re also relaxed. Prepare a warm bubble bath for yourself.

Add scented candles, dim the lights, and turn on the radio. Sit back and relax as you think about your baby. Imagine them playing with you and holding them in your arms.

This warm feeling will grow inside of you, giving the baby more positive energy.


Play with Them

From 16 to 25 weeks into the pregnancy, your baby starts to become more active. They move up and about in your womb. You’ll notice when you’re busy working or walking, your baby minimizes movements.

That’s because they’re learning about you and the environment they’re in. Once you rest, they become more active. The nudges become more pronounced. You can bond with your baby by nudging them back.

Don’t exert a lot of strength as you do so. When you nudge back, a soft touch in the area where you detected movement will do. Alternatively, you can slowly rub the abdomen. Then, feel how the baby reacts.


Bonding is a Three-Way Thing

When you see your partner having fun with the baby, you’ll sense a deeper connection. Therefore, encourage your partner to touch your baby bump and talk to the baby all the time.

You can both narrate a story to your growing baby. Talk about how you met or any other compelling narrative. Your baby will be soothed by your voices.


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Practicing yoga is recommended during pregnancy. Yoga keeps you fit and helps you relax. It also helps to soothe the baby. Working out together with your baby provides for an amazing bond experience.

Even as you try to bond with your baby, remember to take care of yourself. Don’t overwork yourself, get as much rest as possible, and avoid stress. Habitually think about the best outcomes and be happy your family is there with you.

We hope that this Ways to Bond with Your Baby post inspires you. Good luck!


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