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Uno Roboto House Party


You may have played Uno as a kid or even as an adult if you have children. But you haven't played anything yet until you have played Uno Roboto.

Uno is an iconic card game that has been connecting generations of game lovers and families for 40 years. To mark the brand's anniversary this year, Mattel introduces a totally new way to play UNO. UNO Roboto brings a fun and interactive spin to the game by allowing players to completely customize their gameplay experience.

I grew up playing Uno. We loved board games and card games in my house and frequently played them. We played them during the week. On weekends. We had parties surrounding the games and even had monthly competitions where prizes were awarded.

We had so many house rules that we actually had to write them all down. We had them posted on our refrigerator and then everyone had to read them before each game although it was not like we forgot because if we did, there was always someone there to remind us.

One of our favorite house rules were:

  • One player can take control of the game if that players has the exact same card that is on top of the discard pile.
  • Whenever a four was played (my number in sports), we had to pass our hand to the player to the right of us. Sometimes we would alternate and pick a different card number.

We had other rules too but they kind of changed from week to week or month to month depending on who was playing the most.


Players record their names and a “house rule,” then UNORoboto acts as emcee throughout the game by randomly selecting the sequence of players' turns and house rule challenges, adding new elements of speed and change of direction to the game. The “house rule” is my favorite part, as it lets you pick really funny and goofy things to do at unexpected times of the game such as “run around the coffee table four times” or “do a cartwheel” (no coordination required, of course!).

I love that the new Uno Roboto has a new twist on the game that I loved as child. My kids and I love playing Uno so they were thrilled when we were chosen to host an Uno Roboto House Party.

We invited the cousins over so we could all play. And we played for hours. The kids had such an amazing time and they even came up with some of their own house rules.

If this is not on your child's holiday wish list, do yourself a favor and just pick it up anyway. They will love it and they will love you for it.

My sister's kids were begging to take the game home but my kids wouldn't hear of it. They were up early the next morning playing again and again.


Right now there is a special Mattel promotion with Toys ‘R’ Us for a free Shutterfly photo album with any games purchased between now and the end of the year:


Please check out the UNO Facebook page:

What kind of Uno house rules do you have?

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of UNO Roboto and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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