Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas Surprise Your Guys on Your Wedding Day

Gifts with Personality: Personalized Touches for Your Groomsmen

When it comes to wedding planning, most couples focus on the essentials, such as their wedding sets. Brides, for one, will be more hands-on with the details, down to the gifts they’ll give their bridesmaids. However, for grooms, it can be an entirely different story. Some may not even know that they have to give their groomsmen any gifts. Since most men focus on how they can make use of a gift, this should be pretty straightforward. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exert some time and effort to show your appreciation for your trusted friends. How sure are you that your best buddy will feel appreciated with your gift? Below are some tried and tested tips. We hope that this Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas post inspires you.

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Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

  • Know Their Interests: Typically, you get your best friend to act as your trusted groomsman on your wedding day. If you’re a little less close, it may be best to inquire about their interests. If your bride’s brother is one of your groomsmen, it would be best to confer with your bride to know exactly what they want so you aren’t second-guessing yourself. For instance, if they have an appreciation for liquor, give them liquor gift sets. If you have several groomsmen, it would be ideal if you could get different gifts that suit each of their personalities. You can get a practical gift for one of them, and a funny set for another. 
  • Personalize Your Gift: If you’re planning on giving the same gift to multiple people, make sure to personalize those gifts. Consider having each one of them engraved with their names or initials. There’s something about handing over personalized gifts that tugs at the heartstrings. 

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Creative Groomsmen Gifts to Show You Care

  • Work With a Budget: Getting married can already put a big strain on your budget. You don’t want to get something expensive just to impress. Ideally, you should go for items that are within your budget. 
  • Do Your Research: When you have a gift in mind, make sure that you do due diligence and research the best way to prepare it. If you are going for gift sets, see if you can buy the items individually and set them up yourself to stay within your budget. 
  • Consider Functionality: One of the growing trends today is to give a gift that the recipient can make use of. Phone charging stations, a grooming kit, or whisky stones are just a few functional ideas that men can make use of. Consider them when buying gifts. 
Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

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The Foodie Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

Engraved Whiskey Glass in a Wooden Box

For a whiskey groomsmen gift, nothing beats the idea of getting your best buddy a wooden box with his initials engraved on it; except for the personalized whiskey glasses inside of it. Aside from being able to enjoy their favorite whisky in these glasses, the gift of an engraved whiskey glass in a wooden box will help them feel the bond that you share as friends. 

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a great gift for the tech-savvy groomsman and any music lover. Choose a pair of headphones with good sound quality and a comfortable fit. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are high-performance wireless Bluetooth headphones featuring the Apple W1 chip and Class 1 wireless Bluetooth connectivity. With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo3 Wireless is your perfect everyday headphone featuring an adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use with a sleek, streamlined design that’s durable and foldable to go everywhere you do.

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Personalized Pint Glasses

Personalized pint glasses are a classic and affordable option that your groomsmen can use long after the wedding. You can personalize them with their names, wedding date, or a funny inside joke. They can be custom engraved now for a surprise or later. 

Hatchet and Glasses Set

If your groomsmen enjoy hunting as a hobby and love the idea of having a handy toolbox wherever they go, they would surely appreciate you giving them an ammo box they can use as a storage canister. However, you can make this gift even better by including personalized whisky glasses with the hatchet. What’s nice about this gift set is that on top of the personalized glasses, it also comes with a hatchet, which they can use for any upcoming camping trips. You can also have the ammo box personalized with their initials. 

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Monogrammed Multifunction Knives

Men dislike having to pack a lot when they need to go out on camping trips. A monogrammed multifunctional knife is a great gift idea that they can easily fit into their pocket. Choose a knife that comes with safety features so that you don’t have to worry about any injuries. Make it even more special by having it engraved with their name.

Cool Coasters

Cool coasters are a unique and practical gift that will protect their furniture from drink stains. You can find coasters in a variety of materials and designs, so you can choose something that fits your groomsman's personality.

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Groomsmen Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Customized Hip Flask 

Your groomsmen serve as your safety net whenever you feel the jitters as you approach your wedding day. For a groomsmen flask gift set, it makes perfect sense to give them something that would show them how you appreciate them having your back whenever things get a little crazy during wedding preparations. A customized hip flask would surely do the trick. It’s something they can easily slip into their tuxedos for times when they need a little liquid courage. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, but it would be best to go for a leather cover for an added look of sophistication. 

Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

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Watch Case Set

While many may think that groomsmen are not as busy as the bridesmaids, they also have a ton on their plates. The least that you can do is to make sure they are ready to party when they want to. You can give them a watch case set that contains everything they will ever need to be party-ready, such as their watch, tie clip, cufflinks, and even your wedding ring. 

Groomsmen Gifts Decanter

A groomsmen gifts decanter is an amazing gift for those who appreciate fine liquor and have a home bar. These decanters can be personalized with anything and come in all sizes and price ranges. 

Pocket knives

Pocket knives are a versatile gift that your groomsmen can use for everyday tasks or outdoor adventures. Choose a style that fits their interests, such as hunting, fishing, or camping.

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Weekender Bag

Guys know they need to invest in a quality bag for their travels, but they rarely do so. Show your appreciation by giving them a leather bag that they can use for their business trips or holidays. Going for bags made from fine leather will surely make for a memorable gift. This Kodiak Leather Large Weekender Travel Duffel will be loved by all. Don’t be surprised if you see your groomsmen use the bag when you head out for the weekend for your bachelor party. 


Barware Sets

Barware sets are sophisticated gifts for the groomsman who enjoys a good drink. Choose a set that includes glasses, a decanter, and maybe even some whiskey stones.

Golf Clubs or Equipment

If your groomsmen are golfers, they'll appreciate a new set of golf clubs or some new golf equipment. You could also get them a gift certificate to their favorite golf course.

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Leather Dopp Kits

Leather dopp kits are a stylish and functional gift that will help your groomsmen stay organized on the go. Choose a dopp kit made from high-quality leather that will last for years.


A nice piece of luggage is a great gift for groomsmen who travel frequently. You can find luggage in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find one that fits each groomsman's needs.

Custom Beer Mug

Your groomsmen are likely always there to cheer you up whenever you feel down. It would only be fitting to give them their custom beer mug. It will make for a memorable gift since you can reminisce about all the times you’ve had together. They would surely appreciate having their mug they can use to enjoy their craft beers

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Smoker Cigar Set

For groomsmen cigar gifts, if your groomsmen are big on cigars, you can go for a premium cigar set that they can smoke after a long day helping you prepare for your wedding. You can never go wrong with cigar groomsmen gifts. Cigars have always been prestige attributes and real cigar smokers know its value. There are plenty of different types of cigars such as Montecristo no 2, habanos cigars, or bolivar cigars. Make it extra special by adding a few items inside the cigar box like a stainless steel cigar cutter, engraved lighter, and a hip flask. If you can, choose a smaller case that will be optimal for travel or you can even go for a humidor as a gift

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Buddy Go-To Pack

Your groomsman may not admit it to you, but he would appreciate a fun night out after all the rigorous wedding preparations. As a good friend, you wouldn’t want him to hit the town unprepared. Give him a buddy go-to pack that contains all the essentials, like a wallet where they can stash their cash, a trusty lighter to let them smoke their cigars, and a folding knife for a little protection. 


A personalized portable cooler is a great gift for groomsmen who love spending time outdoors. They can use it to keep their drinks cold on hot days or to pack food for a picnic or camping trip.

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Give your groomsmen an experience they'll never forget, such as tickets to a sporting event, a concert, skydiving, rock climbing, a weekend at a spa, or a cooking class.

Weekend Getaway

Treat your groomsmen to a weekend getaway to relax and have some fun before the wedding. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your friends and create lasting memories.

Donations to Their Favorite Charity

Donate to your groomsmen's favorite charity in their name. This is a thoughtful gift that will make a difference in the world and is a great way to give back in honor of those who stood up with you on your wedding day. 

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Choosing a gift for your groomsman can be easy if you know everyone’s personality and interests. Think about the memories you shared, and what you have been through, and start from there. If you ever encounter any issues, you can always ask your bride for input. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can help put things in perspective. Don’t be afraid to set aside a considerable time choosing their gifts. After all, they also willingly set aside time for your wedding day. 

Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

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