Torch: A Router for Digital Parenting

Torch: A Router for Digital Parenting

Tracking PixelTorch: A Router for Digital Parenting

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Torch.

I am someone who worries a lot about my children. As someone who works in the digital space, I am well aware of many of the things that happen on the Internet. I know that there are many things that my kids and I have to watch out for and it is my job as a parent to make certain that they are safe.

This isn't always easy to do when it comes to being online and surfing the Internet. My kids have ended up on some strange sites and while they were all gaming related, we have gotten a few viruses over the years. Parenting in the digital age is certainly not easy and I often feel like I need to be aware of what my kids are doing 24/7 but that is not always possible, right?

Monitoring our kids digital consumption is something that we take seriously and that my husband and I are constantly doing. But I still worry. I want my kids to explore the Internet safely without having to be worried about sites they want to visit.

Torch: A Router for Digital ParentingMEET TORCH

Torch is a router with simple parental tools. These tools are:

Content filtering.

You can choose where you want your children to go when they are online and what you want them to see. With Torch, you can block any site that you don't want your child to visit and this can be customized for each child.

Time keeping.

Every hear that begging, “Mom just ten more minutes on this game. PLEASE!”? This happens all of the time in my house. Or I find a kid who sneaks their computer into bed. Now you can limit usage during certain times which makes it much easier for the kids to follow the rules and gives the power back to the parents.

You can also use the pause button for things like dinner time or family outings or to even go play outside. The pause button can be customized for each kid.


You will always know what your kids are doing and where they go when they are online.

Now with Torch, your child can explore the Internet in a safe environment. Torch can empower you as a parent to give your kids their Internet time while still becoming good digital citizens.

There will always be ways for kids to get around the rules. On top of building a physical product, Torch is building an online community that encourages discussion about Internet safety and related issues, so kids and parents understand these topics and why the rules are in place.

Torch is way to allow kids to freely explore the Internet and learn, while still being safe. They want the parents to have peace of mind and that is exactly what Torch can do for your family.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Torch.



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  1. Pam

    This sounds great for people who have kids! I love that you can set time limits.

  2. This sounds perfect for parents. I’d appreciate the assistance this offers in keeping the internet safe for the kids.

  3. Catherine S

    This sounds like a great device. I could have used this when my son was younger. You can never be too careful when it comes to Internet safety.

  4. This is awesome! I too am worried about what my daughter sees online. This looks like a great solution.

  5. This sounds great! Once my kids start using the internet I will look into this!

  6. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I definitely worry about what my kids might see in the internet. This sounds awesome.

  7. I recently attended a discussion where the internet was compared to drugs in terms of danger and I totally agree. Torch looks like a genius product and one that I can see becoming a must have for our family.

  8. Torch sounds like the perfect router for kids and parents. I especially like the idea of programming it for each child.

  9. This wifi router is impressive. It can help give parents more peace of mind regarding their kids onlline activiies.

  10. This is a smart router and great for monitoring kids. Its too much stuff online and this would be a great protection router and a peace of mind for parents!

  11. Tracey

    This is perfect for parents. I love that you can set time limits.

  12. I love that you can set some controls on this wifi. My kids are teens and I trust them, but you can never be too careful.

  13. Ann Bacciaglia

    I would love to try Torch. This can be a great tool for parents. I will share this with my friends with kids.

  14. The hardest part is often keeping track of it all. Each kid has multiple ways to access information or play games or whatever it is they’re doing. I love that the router monitors that for you. As long as it doesn’t let me know how much time I waste online myself!

  15. I’m fascinated by this. Monitoring kids on the internet is nearly impossible unless you are sitting with them every second. I’m definitely going to look into this. Maybe it will curb how much time I spend on Pinterest too!

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