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Top Clothing Trends for Kids for Back to School

TOP TRENDS BACK TO SCHOOLKids are heading back-to-school- and so are parents! It is happening all over the country, and even if school has started in your area it is not too late to get the hottest back-to-school trends for your little ones. Check out these Top Trends for Back to School and make your child's new school year a fashionable one.


Many parents that grew up in the 90s are cringing right about now- the fashions are back! Remember that grunge look? It is so very popular right now! Before you pull out your old year book and cry over your hideous picture, think about this- this is a fashion trend you lived through, so you can be the cool parent that knows what your kid wants to wear! Doc Martens with floral skirts and oversized sweaters, ripped up jeans with flannel button-ups, giant bows and blue eye shadow- it may make you roll your eyes, but it is back with a vengeance. Another cool part about this trend? You can often get the pieces for it on sale or in second-hand stores!

This Girls' Sherpa Fleece with Faux Fur Trim Hood is the perfect grunge look that also warms your daughter up as well.


This is not just a fashion trend for girls. Guys can get a great layered look, too! The positives of this fashion trend is that it pairs basics to make a fabulous layered look, which means all the pieces can be worn again and again and they're cheap to buy! A plain white t-shirt, a long black tank top, a pair of dark skinny jeans (for guys you can do just a pair of regular dark jeans if they don't like the skinny jean look), a black cardigan, a grey scarf, and a cut hat or bow with some flats in a bright color or boots for guys- put it all together in one outfit and you have a layered look that is effortlessly hot.

This Beautees Big Girls' Striped Flyaway Cardi with Scarf and Tank Top gives you instant layers and it comes with this adorable scarf.


Again- this isn't just for gals. Buy a lace dress for your daughter (look at a thrift shop, first) and have her layer it with a cardigan, some sheer tights, Doc Martens, and a cute headband and you have the layered 90s grunge look with lace- AKA: the Madonna! For guys, try a black lace shirt with some brightly colored denim pants and boots. It is funky, trendy, and definitely unique.

This Speechless Big Girls' Lightweight Sweater with Lace Front is perfect for any girl who wants a little lace.


T-shirts, skirts, tights, pants, and shoes- if it is brightly colored or neon, it is hot this year and they pair so nicely with just about any other color and trend happening right now.

This very chic neon yellow Petit Lem Little Girls' London Style Long Sleeve Top Knit is the perfect addition to any fashionista's back-to-school look!


For girls, it is all about skirts for fall. Long, short, high or low cut- doesn't matter! Skirts are the go-to piece for class. They pair with long sleeved shirts and tennis-shows, or button ups and wedges. One skirt can be styled in many ways, so it is a great investment.

This adorable Amy Byer Big Girls' Stripe Maxi Skirt is perfect in the spring with a pair of flip flips or pair it with leggings/boots to make it work for fall and winter.


It pairs well with the neon trend and just about everything is being made in camo right now. This is also one of those trends that hit the second-hand stores years ago when it went out of style, but since it is making a come-back you could find it for cheap on the shelves of consignment stores everywhere this Fall.

This cute One Step Up Girls 7-16 Camo Peace Sign Stud Top goes with anything plus even combines a little neon with the camo.

What are your kids wearing for back to school?

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