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Top 4 Workplace Issues That Require Legal Representation


Top 4 Workplace Issues That Require Legal Representation

Whether you are an in-office or a remote employee, there are plenty of work-related issues that can make your work experience extremely unpleasant. That is quite unfortunate, considering we spend most of our hours at work. Additionally, most individuals don’t know how to deal with workplace issues and find it challenging to bring them up with their employers or the HR department.

Fortunately, there are legal experts you can turn to whenever a workplace issue is threatening to ruin your workplace experience and career. Employment lawyers can assist you in dealing with various workplace issues, from harassment and termination to deciding whether or not to pursue a lawsuit against the other party.

However, not all workplace issues are worthy of a lawsuit. But you would not know how to approach your problems if you aren’t well-versed in employment law. For that reason, it is crucial to hire an employment lawyer.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is a common workplace issue that employees take to employment lawyers. The case is relatively severe and the chances of success depend on the circumstances surrounding your dismissal from your post.

If you feel you’ve been wrongfully terminated, the first step you should take is to appeal your case under the conventional termination and disciplinary procedures. But, this course of action doesn’t always resolve the issues. In which case, you might have to hire a personal employment lawyer for some legal advice.

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Although discrimination and sexual harassment cases have significantly reduced over the past few years, they still plague modern organizations. The two terms are different but have a few similarities. Workplace discrimination refers to treating someone differently based on their age, sex, race, religion, etc.

On the other hand, sexual harassment refers to using language or visual material of sexual nature or showing sexual behavior towards any workplace colleague.

Same as wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination are serious workplace issues and should never be tolerated. If you feel you have been a victim of these wrongdoings, it may be time to find a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

Breach of Contract

Employment contracts are an important part of the employee-employer relationship. They are legally binding documents that define the terms agreed upon by the employer and the employee. These agreements can be in terms of vacation time, benefits and salaries.

If you feel the employer has violated the terms of your employment contract, you might need to hire an employment lawyer. The expert will represent you as you pursue the legal means necessary to rectify the situation.

Delayed Payments & Benefits

Another workplace issue that might require legal representation is delayed payment and release of employee benefits. There are plenty of reasons that might force an employer to delay your payments. Perhaps you haven’t honored your contract, or the employer has another valid reason for delaying your payments.

Regardless of the reason, it is good to approach an employment lawyer if your employer has delayed your payday. The lawyer can help clarify the cause behind your unpaid wages/benefits and spell out the next cause of action to remedy the situation.


As much as not every workplace issue requires a legal approach, hiring an employment attorney can save you a lot of trouble.

The list above consists of some of the issues that might require the intervention of an employment attorney. Ensure you find a competent lawyer to ensure you enjoy top-notch services at the right fee.


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