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Things to Do in Sapporo Japan

Things to Do in Sapporo Japan

On the northern side of Japan, the capital of the great island of Hokkaido, rests Sapporo, the largest city. This place is full of sightseeing and traveling opportunities. The history of Sapporo spans back to 1972 when it hosted the Winter Olympics. After that, it became prevalent and trendy, flowing exponentially with the fast-paced world. Now Sapporo holds a great collection of sites for visiting and recreational festivals year-round for people of the world. We hope that this Things to Do in Sapporo Japan post inspires you. 

Things to Do in Sapporo Japan

If you’re planning to visit Sapporo, make sure to have time as the place provides several significant opportunities and events. You may get to see an important political event known as G8 Summits, the Winter Festival, theatrical and musical events, and much more. Below are some activities and sites that you have to visit when in Sapporo.

Things to Do in Sapporo Japan

Hokkaido Museum 

What can be better for starting your visit to Sapporo than getting to know its history and importance in the geography of Japan? Head straight to the Hokkaido Museum for some authentic Japanese history lessons and back-in-time images. At the museum, you’ll get to know how the island of Hokkaido and its struggle to become one of the significant influences that Japan has brought to the world. It includes the past era of Hokkaido and its industrial period. The museum is easy to work through and self-explanatory, with clear signs to help you get a thorough history lesson. 

Sapporo Dome 

This is the destination for you if you’re visiting the athletic front of Japan for its sports sites and events. The Sapporo Dome is an excellent baseball ground for the native players and teams. The FIFA World Cup was also held in this beautifully built dome in the year 2002. The aesthetics are outstanding in the area, so if you just want to sightsee and take pictures, you can have a great time. Get some snacks from the snack bar and enjoy a game or two going on during the season. 

Janaki Onsen Hot Spring 

There is nothing that can top a hot spring spot in the winter season in Japan. The Jozanki onsen hot spring is a great destination to relax your nerves and explore the ruralness of the place. The whole place is covered with grassy green mountains and colorful scenery in the autumn season. The hot spring helps you regain strength and warm up during your vacation. There are parks in the area and several exciting spots to satisfy your recreational activities, including the Hoheikyo Dam, the satellites, and much more. This place enables you to tone down the rush from the trip and calm down a little before you get up and move again. 


Sapporo Hokkaido Japan Image by Pixabay

See the Clock Tower

The clock tower in the city of Sapporo is a pretty scenic destination, unlike what the name enlightens. It is a place that is known for its influence from the western-influenced buildings and culture. The tower was formed during the renovation period when the city was turned into colonial-styled structures and US-inspired cities. So it’s a must-see sight with a well-functioning university and clock tower. If you want to view some of the most crowded and well-popularized sites in the cities, the clock tower should be on your list to get amazing pictures from your trip. 

Visit Odori Park

When you fly from Singapore to Sapporo and feel homesick, you can go the Odori Park, covered with greenery and trees, over a swooping 15 blocks. The park is refreshing and the best afternoon destination that you can go to enjoy picnics and times with the sun. The scenics are exceptional, with advanced fountains and buildings around it to take good selfies and just unwind. 

Look at Sapporo from a Height

When in Sapporo or Japan, essentially, visit the most recognized feature of the country known as the Sapporo TV Tower. Located in the middle of perfectly aligned trees and building on the side to provide a great view of the Eiffel Tower-inspired and mesmerizing structure. When in the middle of the winter season, you can catch the best time to view it in snow and leafless trees. The tower is climbable for the public and provides an excellent standpoint view of the area. 


Sapporo Japan

Drink Beer at the Beer Museum 

The beer museum is a great sightseeing spot in Sapporo that also supplies beer-tasting opportunities for anyone visiting. You can taste test different blends of beer and know how there is a lot more to beer than you had known. The museum is famous for its showcasing of the most popular beers in the city. At this spot, you can understand the types of beers that the city has to offer on your trip and learn the best ones to experience on your journey. The Sapporo Brewing Company owns the whole thing and supplies a pretty good lesson on their beers. 

Don’t Forget About Food 

When in Japan, you know you’re in for a tasty bite and a unique and exciting dish native to the region. Sapporo has its delicacies, including the famous hairy crab known as kegani. It may be pricey but a dish you can’t find anywhere else, so you have to give it a try at one of the many famous restaurants in the area. Other than that, there is the Milk Mura ice cream for your sweet tooth cravings. The soft-serve ice cream comes in several different exciting flavors and a shot of liquor to give you that boost. The best part is that ice cream refills are free. Ramen with miso is another delicacy not to miss as well as the Sapporo soup curry. 

Go Skiing in the Winter Festival 

Perhaps the most important activity in Hokkaido is skiing in its winter festival in Odori Koen. In addition to the beautiful and illuminated ice sculptures, you take part in several different competitions and activities. You can regenerate by building ice castles and igloos with your kids, going skiing, and participating in contests. Mount Teine is another excellent spot for skiing it out in the winter season. 

We hope that this Things to Do in Sapporo Japan post inspires you. Happy travels!


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