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The Growing Trend of Parcel Lockers

The Growing Trend of Parcel LockersThe Growing Trend of Parcel Lockers

According to statistics, at least 30% of the American population has lost its valuable parcels through theft. Several institutions are addressing this issue. With increased online shopping and multiple deliveries, people are receiving a whole lot more packages. The problem is, many people don't trust unattended packages–packages from retailers as big as Amazon Prime and as small as independent sellers on Etsy–on their front porches. This necessity has led to parcel lockers' introduction, also known as smart package rooms, in commercial settings, workplaces, and universities. This article will discuss in-depth the Growing Trend of Parcel Lockers and how they are helping individuals in different situations.

So, what is a parcel locker? Parcel lockers, also known as smart package rooms, refer to a secure vault in which people can collect their packages. Parcel lockers provide additional assurances about the location and security of sent packages, where recipients have to click and collect their lots. When someone requests their parcel be delivered to a parcel locker, they automatically get notified once the parcel arrives. They can then pick up their packages at any time. The security measures of these lockers dramatically reduce loss or theft of packages.

Why should you consider a smart package room?

Landlords, apartment managers, and office managers consider installing a smart package room for several reasons. For property managers, a parcel locker can drastically reduce how much time they have to spend handling packages for tenants. For tenants, they don't have to rush home to pick up a package before the property manager's office closes. Office managers benefit from installing parcel lockers because their employees won't be worried about a package sitting on their front porch.

Parcel lockers aren't that expensive to purchase or install. You can easily acquire affordable personal loans to put up a smart package room. Such amenities make tenants and employees happy, enabling them to stay long in the apartment. Smart lockers also allow landlords to get information on who accessed the locker and the time. Such data can get several uses in solving issues, including loss and theft in the apartments.

The Growing Trend of Parcel LockersReasons for the growth of smart room technologies

There are several reasons why there is a rise in parcel lockers in apartments and institutions. With technology changes, these smart lockers are becoming more updated to accommodate any parcel, making them the best storage facilities for perishable and fragile goods. Below are some attributes for these lockers.

  • They are secure: smart lockers get coded. You only need to have a password to unlock them and get your parcel. Other advanced lockers come with an inbuilt camera that captures whoever picks and drops the package. It means they record anyone who enters or gets out of the smart locker room.
  • Intelligent: most of these lockers come with infrared scanners, which detect the received items. The receiver doesn't need to worry about the goods' whereabouts since they get scanned before getting to the recipient.
  • Speed: with smart locks, time wastage is limited. You need to put your password, open the locker, and get your parcel—nothing like filling forms or questionnaires.
  • Courier flexibility: parcel lockers receive all kinds of goods. Any shipper will deliver their packages to the delivery smart locker room without issues or inconveniences.
  • App integrated: once the parcel gets received in the parcel locker, the system automatically sends the recipient a message, notifying them that their package is ready for collection. All this gets done in a single mobile application.
  • Versatile: the smart lockers come with different sizes and shapes to accommodate any parcel.
  • Waterproof: Parcel lockers are waterproof. They can effectively work outdoors and indoors, depending on an apartment. They also come customized to fit into any building or compound.
  • Temperature control: compared to other traditional methods of parcel delivery, advanced parcel lockers come with temperature control systems, enabling them to accommodate perishable and frozen foods. Such items may include groceries, food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items.\

With this age and technology, everyone needs to move with the trend. Parcel lockers are a game-changer when it comes to parcel delivery and storage. They help curb the loss and theft of parcels by keeping them until the owner is ready to collect them. They are also optimized to enable property managers and staff to spend their hours in other things other than manning parcels.

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