The Doors of Zanzibar. The Artistic Doors within the City
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The Doors of Zanzibar

Doors of Zanzibar 12

The Doors of Zanzibar

I travel. It seems that is just a part of who I am. When I am not traveling, I seriously am dreaming of traveling. I love seeing the world even when the world is in my own city.

However, I have been extremely fortunate to see some parts of the world that many might not get to see.  The latest place was Zanzibar. Zanzibar is the semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa. I know this because I had to look it up when I got the itinerary.

These pictures were taken last week on my Lumia 1020. This phone has 41 MP camera which means that it goes everywhere with me. All pictures were taken on the phone.

While in Zanzibar, I became fascinated with the doors. Often I held our group up during a tour so I could stop and take a quick picture (sorry guys!). I wanted to know more about these doors.

Doors of Zanzibar 5

Who were they trying to keep out? Who conceived and then made this door? How long did it take? How old is it? I might never know the answers to these questions but that didn't stop me from wondering every time I took another photo.

Doors of Zanzibar 14 Doors of Zanzibar 13 Doors of Zanzibar 11

I loved this color! Blue is one of my favorites and the door is stunning.

Doors of Zanzibar 10 Doors of Zanzibar 9 Doors of Zanzibar 8

I was just in the process of taking the perfect picture of the door when this happened.

Doors of Zanzibar 7

Take 2 was much better.

Doors of Zanzibar 6

The best part of our tour was when some locals played a trick on us (I am not certain that our group even knew it happened). At one point, our guide was standing next to the door above explaining a little bit about it. All of a sudden, a local boy (maybe 14 or 15) came through our crowd to knock on the door. He knocked twice really hard and then walked away. Imagine the owners surprise to open the door and find a group of tourists standing at his door. He shook his head and looked around before shutting the door.

I immediately began to look for that boy and I saw him about one block away sort of hiding with his friends. They were all snickering and laughing. That was a pretty good joke.

Doors of Zanzibar 4 Doors of Zanzibar 3 Doors of Zanzibar 2


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