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Taking Care Of Your Skin This Summer 

Taking Care Of Your Skin This Summer 

Taking Care Of Your Skin This Summer 

Summertime is right around the corner, which means we're trying on swimsuits in Target, planning vacations, and figuring out how we're going to juggle our out-of-school kiddos and work simultaneously. While the days get longer and the nights are spent celebrating, it's easy to put your self-care needs on the backburner. One of the first areas where fatigue starts to show is on our face, specifically our skin. While you might have a home skincare routine you swear by, you should still be switching things up for your skin from what you use in winter to what you'll use in the summer. Let's look at how to take the best care of your skin this upcoming summer season. Once you've got it nailed down, it's one less thing to worry about, and you'll be looking and feeling great!

Switch Your SPF 

Most of us already know that we need to be using an SPF year-round, especially on our faces. The great thing about SPF use being so common all year long is it's found in most of our daily products now, from our moisturizers to our foundation. But, during the summer, you'll likely be spending a lot more time outdoors under the sun's rays, and you'll need more protection than what's offered in your beauty products. Opt for an SPF-only product that you put on your face after your moisturizer but prior to any makeup. Make sure you're using an SPF explicitly designed for your facial skin, as it's much more delicate than the rest of your body's skin.

Stay Hydrated 

While we all know we need to be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, you ideally will be drinking more in the summer. While there are plenty of health benefits of being outdoors under the sunshine – primarily Vitamin D – you mustn't get dehydrated from all the sweating you'll be doing. Especially if you're getting physical outdoors, you want to up your water intake significantly and keep hydrating. When you're not adequately hydrated, it shows in your complexion. 

Wear A Hat Or Visor 

One of the top pieces of advice that dermatologists around the world give for protecting our delicate facial skin from the sun's harmful rays is to wear a hat or visor to shade our faces. Many people are prone to skin issues like moles, melasma, or freckles caused by sun damage. SPF does a lot to protect you, but if you're going to be outside for a long time at the beach or poolside or have exceptionally sensitive skin, you need to add a hat or visor into your summer skincare arsenal. 

A Targeted Body Cleanser

While we all have the body washes we swear by for their scent, their ingredients, or other reasons, you may need to up the ante and get a more vigorous wash for the summer. When you think about the tanning oil, SPF, and other products you're putting on day after day during the summer, you need to get those off to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Use washes in those target areas of concern like acne body wash or sugar scrubs for a deep exfoliation. While it's okay to use your regular wash, too, half the time, you want to give your body a deeper clean than you might typically. 

You Are What You Eat 

Another way to take care of your skin this summer is to take advantage of all the fruits and vegetables in season. Eating fresh and local produce from your local farmer's market is one of the healthiest ways to stock your fridge. Berries are incredibly full of antioxidants that do wonders against free radicals and help your skin stay summer sweet. They say you are what you eat, so it's best to eat as healthy as possible if you want healthy skin. Thankfully, summer makes those options much more available, making it easier to make healthy choices. 

While everyone has products that they add to their skincare routines to keep them looking and feeling their best – the above-mentioned ways to take care of your skin this season will work for everyone. Enjoy your summer, and let your skin be the least of your worries!

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