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How to Stay Organized While Traveling

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TownePlace Suites by Marriott® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


As an avid traveler, I am constantly searching for ways to make my travel experiences easier and much more organized. In fact, there have been hotels where I simply don't unpack. I leave everything in my suitcase because it is much more organized in there than in the hotel closet.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott® has changed all of that by making it their mission to give guests the tools to keep them feeling happy, put together and productive on longer stays. I love that! Further, they believe that having the space to organize and the tools to get things done makes for a happier traveler. For me this is especially true.

They have come up with a fabulous solution utilizing one of my favorite stores. TownePlace Suites® and The Container Store® have partnered to bring hotel guests the amazing elfa® closet system.


At TownePlace Suites® guests will be able to utilize the elfa® closet system from The Container Store® in one incredible custom designed closet. Each closet offers tons of storage options to help guests feel more organized while on the road. From multiple closet rods and ventilated shelves to hanging drawers, guests will find everything they need to feel more put together.

Currently 11 TownePlace Suites® hotels feature the elfa® closet, with more locations growing every month.


1. Find the right containers to keep everything in.

I love my travel items from The Container Store® so much that I use them at home as well. See that jewelry above? It stays so organized and easy to find because of the in.bag® Large Jewelry Organizer & in.bag® Earring Stays. I can see everything and get out only what I need without tangling everything up.

2. Make certain that you can see everything.

Out of sight, out of mind can be especially true when traveling. I love being able to see all of my cosmetics in one place which helps me keep it organized and I know what I have available. Nothing is worse than running out of something that I use everyday but that no longer happens with the Resort Hanging Organizer.

3. Keep it compliant.

A few months ago I was traveling and ran out of lotion. I bought a larger size because it was a much better deal. When I went through security at the airport, the lotion was confiscated because it was too large so it ended up not saving me any money at all. These 3 oz. GoToobs® are the perfect size to keep all of your toiletries.

4. Pack it all just right.

A large part of packing and staying organized is having the right luggage to do it in. This Eagle Creek™ Black 22″ Adventure 4-Wheeled Luggage is not only the perfect to fit into overhead bins, it is also a durable spinner bag with an expandable main compartment. You won't even need another bag.


TownePlace Suites® is different than many hotel brands, because it is purpose-built to accommodate long stays. TownePlace Suites® is specifically designed and operated to meet the unique needs of extended stay business travelers who need to be away from home for more than a few nights.

TownePlace Suites® are an all-suite hotel with spacious studios, one- and two-bedroom suites. Rooms have a fully-equipped full size kitchen and their is an on-site laundry facility. Guests will enjoy free breakfast and free Wi-Fi plus a daily housekeeping refresh. Full hotel amenities are outlined on the brand website at

Check out the TownePlace Suites® Facebook page


TownePlace Suites® is giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky reader to put towards your next stay. To enter, comment on my blog post answering:

“What do you do to stay organized on extended-stay travel?”


“What would you use the most in the elfa® closet to stay organized while traveling?”

Must be 21+, U.S. residents only. One (1) winner will be chosen from qualified entries. IZEA will handle selection of winner and fulfillment of prize. Please include your email address in your entry comment so that you can be contacted by IZEA if chosen as the winner. official rules

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  1. ellen beck

    I really think what I would use most in the closet would be where the shoes go. There is never anywhere to put shoes that doesnt involve tripping over them, or not being able to find the match. I like how there is a place to see what shoes you brought, and if they needed cleaning, you could clean them and then put them away again.
    It is nice theey thought of this because of you walk anywhere to take in the sights, shoes get muddy or dirty and you wouldnt want them by dress shoes until you have had a chance to get them ready to go again.
    I also like the ample hanging space and the drawers for sweaters or bulkier tops (or workout clothes)

  2. D Schmidt

    I stay organized by packing my suitcase in a set order and getting up before my family member so that I can organize them.

  3. Alaine

    I organize by unpacking my suitcase right when I arrive so I can see what I have and not make the suitcase a disaster area!

  4. Having something like that is like someone’s doing the orgnizing for you. Saves a lot of time. I appreciate your organizing tips. Thanks!

  5. Kelly D

    I would use the shoe rack. I never have a good place to store shoes when I travel.

  6. Michelle J.

    I pack each kid’s clothes in a stack, with PJs on top.

  7. Carolsue

    A laundry bag is essential if you don’t want dirty clothes mixed up with clean ones! I use a hanging organizer also keep things together and accessible. I also keep essential items packed together, clothes I will need the first night get packed on top, etc. Shoes get wrapped in plastic grocery bags, but the shoe rack in the closet would sure come in handy!

  8. Deb Jackson

    We pack in smaller bags and put things we will need together.

  9. Nicole Dz

    I would use the rack to hang my blouses and skirts the most in the elfa closet to stay organized while traveling. Got to keep them wrinkle free.

  10. Candice

    I try to limit unpacking to just a couple of areas, to minimize the chance of leaving something behind.

  11. I pack clothing that I can layer and mix and match to limit the amount of clothes we have to pack.

  12. Janice R.

    I stay organized by making a list of items I need for my trip and packing that list with me so when I leave to return home, I can easily keep track of what I initially packed.

  13. I like this place, Great to be organized when traveling also.

  14. what an awesome idea. I love the elf closet it would make organizing our clothes easier. I really like that drawer.

  15. Susan

    I pack each day’s entire outfit together to make it easier to find everything I need each day.

  16. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I could definitely use a little more organization when it comes to traveling. Great giveaway, too!

  17. Amanda Love

    All really great tips. I try and stay organized by having everything in order. I’m military and have a madness to my method. Great giveaway btw.

  18. When we travel for an extended travel I make sure the kids have enough stuff for 5 full days and then I make sure I have a laundry facility where we are staying. The kids can then switch the clothes around. They also have to be sure to have their own carry on bags filled with the “things” they may need during their time away from home.

  19. Kristen

    I’d use the shoe shelf…it would be nice to have my shoes up off the floor and all in one place.

  20. The new closet systems sound great! I always live out of my suitcase, which is very unorganized.

  21. Elizabeth Towns

    I’m like the family organizer for my nuclear and extended family when it comes to traveling. I always make sure everybody has a checklist of what they need to prepare, on travel days and a return itinerary. This tip list is very efficient!

  22. Staying organized while traveling is definitely a challenge. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  23. Michelle Tucker

    I think having a place to put dirty laundry is essential in an extended stay closet. Perhaps a hanging bag that is sturdy in there. 🙂

  24. Tonya C

    What an awesome shelf organizer system! Hard to find hotels with an Elfa system!

  25. These are such a great tips for packing! I always just throw my stuff into a suitcase.

  26. Staying organized while on vacation can be so hard. My husband and I need new luggage for sure!

  27. I love the mini shampoo bottles! Packing full sized hair products can be so hard. Not to mention that some times they leak!

  28. It is important to stay organized while traveling because losing things causes so much unneeded stress and aggravation.

  29. That’s a great giveaway! I love to travel, we don’t get to do it near enough.

  30. Amy Desrosiers

    Since y father’s passing, my mom could really use something like this! She needs to get away and have some peace!

  31. Nicole Vosburgh

    I stay organized by using an organized toiletry bag and packing my outfits according to what days I plan on wearing them.

  32. Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    I don’t fly, but I do travel and I think my best tip is to unpack and hang things up! Also pack basics and accessories instead of elaborate outfits to cut down on the number of pieces you need.

  33. I stay organized while traveling by containing my stuff in one space such as a closet. I’m a lot less likely to lose things when I do that! Love the suggestion of keeping things in containers!

  34. Well I need some of these tips for sure. Usually I rely on my lists to get me through my travels!

  35. My trick is to roll all articles of clothing up before putting it into the suitcase. Same goes for drawers and shelves 😉

  36. Angela Saver

    To stay organized, everyone has their own suitcase & I always pack hangers to hang our clothes, & also pack bags for dirty clothes so I can keep them separated.

  37. Hanging toiletry bags are SO useful! Love them!

  38. Beth Hill

    When my family travels for Spring Break to Mexico, I pack a suitcase for each of us. I have 2 teenage boys so there stuff is pretty simple. Their toiletries and my husbands are in freezer bags so they can see what they are looking for. I have a hanging organizer that I keep stocked so it is always ready to go. All I ever have to add to it are my daily pills! I keep deodorant, face wash, tooth paste, tooth brush, etc. I usually hang it on the back of the hotel bathroom door.

  39. Mari

    I’d use the gliding drawers for my folded clothes and suitcases.

  40. angela lazo

    What I would use the most in the Elfa Closet would be the rods to hang all my clothes and keep them from getting to wrinkled

  41. latanya

    I place my outfits in very large zip lock bags to keep everything separate and organized.

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  42. Leigh Anne Borders

    I pack in sections and even use vacuum bags so I can get more in.

  43. JenniferAnne

    To stay organized, I pack clothing items I will need first on top. Another thing I find indispensable is a hanging organizer where I keep my makeup, hair products, etc. I can’t do without extra hangers and ziploc bags, either. I would find the shoe rack very helpful to keep shoes organized. I’d also make use of the glide-out drawers.

  44. Linda F.

    I like to make lists of what I need to pack and then pack that list with me so I know that I don’t leave anything behind when it is time to leave.


    I use ebags so that my clothes are separated by days and I have everything I need right at my finger tips – I also use ziploc bags to make sure nothing leaks! I love the elfa closet – looks great! truckredford(at)gmail(Dot)com

  46. nadya kotik

    I would use the hangers so I can easily find my clothes!

  47. Teresa

    I like the hanging drawer system. It’s great that it is see-thru for extra organization.

  48. Marcia Goss

    I love the shelves and drawer in the closet. I like having all my things in one place instead of in dresser drawers and a separate small closet.

  49. Sean

    I use zip lock bags to keep organized while traveling.

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