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Sponsored Video: Power Wheels Wants to See Your Kids Jump for Joy

This post is sponsored by Power Wheels.

Power Wheels®: The. Most. Awesome. Gift. EVER

Well they are, aren't they? I loved Power Wheels as a child and now all three of my children love Power Wheels as well. In fact, last Christmas the only thing that my youngest daughter was positive she wanted was the Power Wheels Dune Racer in Pink. It had to be pink. When my child received the Power Wheels Pink Dune Racer, she screamed louder than all the kids on the video below. She must have driven it around our neighborhood for 4-5 hours that first day.

Here is what we gave her:

Power Wheels Dune Racer

This Power Wheels Dune Racer is still a huge hit almost a year later. All three of my kids play with it and they ride it around the neighborhood. Several of the neighborhood kids like to ride it as well. Someone is always driving it around our neighborhood.

Power Wheels has so much more than cars to play with these days and their product lines have expanded considerably in the past few years.

So do you want to see your kid jump for joy? Do you want to see your children smile ear to ear? How about pretty much freak out with happiness?

It's actually pretty simple, really. Watch this video and take a look at how these kids reacted to the most awesome gift ever:

Now do you see how you, too, could be an epic parent?  Visit www.powerwheels.com. Get ready to hear, “I LOVE IT!!” and get ready to plug your ears from all of the screaming noise.

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