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Wordless Wednesday – Silly Kitty

Silly Girl Has Recently Become Quite a Little Camera Hound - "Cheese Me Mama! Cheese Me!" is what she tells me.

Silly Girl Has Recently Become Quite a Little Camera Hound - "Cheese Me Mama! Cheese Me Mama!" is what she tells me so that I will take her picture. I especially love the drool on her shirt.

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  1. What a sweetie pie! You can tell she loves the camera! Happy WW!

  2. She’s so cute. You can see it through the pretty kitty mask.

  3. We can still see those sparkling blue eyes!
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  4. Where did she get those fabulous purple ears?

  5. I love that she says “cheese me!” My 2 yo was NEVER a little model and still isn’t…I can’t get her to even look at the camera without a silly trick LOL Someday maybe? oh well, your little girl is the cutest!

  6. Lisa

    That is adorable! My girl is the same way with the camera, always wanting pictures taken! Hope you have a awesome WW!

  7. Sara Bonds

    Awww, how cute is she!? She is a very girly kitty. 🙂

  8. That’s cute! She’s all set for Halloween!

  9. I really just want to squeeze her!!!! What a sweet little face!

  10. Oh my Gosh she’s so ADORABLE!! I love the “Cheese me” too sweet! My almost 2 year old can’t stand the camera, she puts the lens back on. lol!

  11. It also looks like she i ready for Halloween.

  12. Kim

    Aww, so cute! How’ve you been girl?

  13. That is really freaking cute! “Cheese me!” LOL!

  14. This pic made me smile! she is adorable!
    Happy WW!

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