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Scholastic Parent & Child’s KidQ App

Scholastic Parent & Child believes that one of the best ways to connect with your child is through conversation. I actually believe the same thing. Every single night after dinner, my family and I sit at the table and have a conversation. We talk about our days. We talk about school, activities and really anything that we want to discuss.

Did you know that Scholastic has a great app to really get the conversation going with you and your child? Scholastic Parent & Child KidQ is a tool that helps parent and child connect through conversation and fun family experiences using the app.

About the KidQ App

This app is so fun because it generates some very interesting questions that you can then talk about as a family. The question above sparked a huge discussion at our dinner table about mosquitoes and how you protect yourself from mosquito bites. We had fun discussing and in fact decided that we need more bug spray. No one wants a mosquito bite, right?

The KidQ app for iPhone and Android facilitates conversation via fun Q&A's about the things that kids (and parents!) are the most curious about, like:

  • Why do we get goosebumps?
  • How do the bubbles get in soda?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Why do we say “ears” of corn?

Each day, users receive a playful question that serves as a conversation starter along with the official answer. Families will have a blast as they compare their explanations to the facts!

My kids love this app and ask for a new question they second get into the car after school. We have had a lot of fun conversations around this app! The only thing that worries me is the fact that we might run out of questions. I sure hope that doesn't happen!

Features of the KidQ App

  • A random question generator.
  • A prompt (button) that provides answers and “fun facts” for each question.
  • Sharing on both Twitter and Facebook, so users can promote the app to friends and family.
  • A simple settings menu for logging into Facebook & Twitter, and adjusting app settings.

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