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Saving Energy with Frigidaire

Frigidaire LogoIt never occurred to me until recently that perhaps some of my old appliances are a seriously drain of energy causing our power bill to rise every month. I figured that it could possibly be the cause of a small rise in costs.

However, according to the Energy Star website:

Frigidaire Refrigerator Stainless Steel Gallery SeriesEnergy StarYour 20-year-old avocado refrigerator with chrome handles may have vintage appeal, but don’t let sentiment stop you from retiring it. A fridge made before 1993 could be costing you over $100 each year to operate. Replace it with a new ENERGY STAR qualified model and cut your related energy costs in half.

Who knew that you could cut your energy costs in half with newer appliances? I know now and also know that I have several other appliances that I really need to update.

A few key features of my new Frigidaire Counter-Depth Gallery Refrigerator:

· Thanks to the Energy Saver Plus Technology, if my refrigerator door is not opened for 24 hours and the refrigerator system is set to the 12-hour defrost cycle, then the system automatically goes to a 96-hour compressor run time defrost cycle to conserve electricity.

· Automatic Alerts: Refrigerator alerts you if the door is left open or if temperature rises.

These are just a few more ways that the new Frigidaire Gallery Series is helping my family cut costs.

Frigidaire Test Drive ButtonI am a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom and a long time Frigidaire customer.

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