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SanDisk 32GB CF Extreme III – Compact Flash Memory Card Review

SanDisk 32GB CF Extreme III Compact Flash Memory Card SanDisk 32GB CF Extreme III   Compact Flash Memory Card ReviewThe SanDisk 32GB CF Extreme III Compact Flash Memory Card is another addition to SanDisk’s award-winning Extreme III line of memory devices.

This memory card has a minimum sequential read/write speed of 30 Mb/sec, with a generally large capacity of 32GB which makes it useful for video recording or taking higher quality pictures that often use much more memory than a standard picture.

This is helpful for photographers who use the RAW format, which takes up to 10x the amount of memory as the JPG format. Fortunately with 32GB that equates to around 1,600 Raw format photos. The ESP (Enhanced Super-Serial Processing) Technology that SanDisk provides with this product gives a high end solution for professional quality cameras that can utilize such performance.

Due the 50% speed boost over its predecessors of 20Mb/sec sequential read/write speeds, SanDisk provides the consumer with capabilities for superior quality pictures in a superior quantity. With the boost in speed and capacity, this memory card provides versatile solutions for various of uses. The solid-state memory system lets users keep up with ever expanding file-based workflow.

The card itself is more durable than ever with industrial silicone allowing for better shock and vibrational absorption from falling or being jostled. The card also features an industry-leading functional temperature range from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

SanDisk’s provides with each card a limited lifetime warranty so that if something did go wrong in the card’s manufacturing, SanDisk would replace it for the customer. All of this makes theSanDisk 32GB CF Extreme III – Compact Flash memory card a solid buy even against pricier competitors.

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