San Marina: The Best Shoes to Wear During Summer 2022

San Marina: The Best Shoes to Wear During Summer 2022


San Marina: The Best Shoes to Wear During Summer 2022

When one season goes out, a shoe box comes in. As the warm season approaches, it’s time to put aside your old clog or boot shoes and consider taking up something simple yet stylish for the summer. While these shoes and some other hybrid styles have been the talk of the town during spring, the hype seems to have dwindled and new trends are slowly cropping up.

At the forefront of the 2022 shoe trends judging from the runways, we have the San Marina strappy sandals, wedges, and sky-high platforms. If you are into more simplistic looks, you have the option to go for the pool slides, and platforms which are easy to style.


Wedges are the type of shoes that you can never write off. They reached their epitome of supremacy in 2010 and years later, they have made a comeback with more structural elements and a more slimmed silhouette.

image of a wedge shoe

The wedge shoes provide greater balance and are ideal if you find it hard walking in heels but at the same time want a little added height. To get the best out of this style, go for wedges with block color interpretations and uniform fabrications that offer timelessness.

Platform Heels

Experience new heights, literally, with the sky-high platform shoes that feature chunky block heels and colorful fabrics. They not only have been spotted by fashion icons like Carrie Bradshaw but also dominated runways starting from Ermanno Scervino to Sportmax. You can create a subtle look by complementing the platform heels with oversized jeans and a shirt or go for a minimalistic look by pairing them with a printed mini dress accessorized with a colorful clutch. A block sole makes these shoes easy to wear.

Sporty Sandals

Sporty sandals are slowly stealing the limelight thanks to their comfort and functionality. They have already made their way into the Chloe and Hermes summer catwalks, so you can anticipate to see them more often this coming summer. The flat sandals are quite versatile. You can combine them with denim or any tailored trousers. The possibilities are quite endless. If you want something that offers both comfort and style, consider sandals with functional Velcro straps and chunky soles.

Square Toe Loafers

These shoes seem to have boarded a time machine from the 90s fashion trends. Classic and timeless, the square-toe loafers add an androgynous spin to any look. Go for chunky soles and pair them with a plaid mini skirt to add a '90s twist to your outfit. If you want to create a subtle yet classy look, team the loafers with tailored trousers.


Like how an owl comes alive in the night time so do the metallics in the summer months. These types of shoes reflect rays on those sunny days to upgrade your look in a flash. The sparkle they put on your feet makes them a go-to option for those summer parties, brunch dates with friends, or events that require smart casual dressing.


Amidst the buzzy 2022 shoe trends here come the 1999 flat platforms again. Unlike the previous versions, they have added a few inches to give you a wearable that enhances your height and makes a statement.

Final Stretch

Most shoe styles that have made it into the trendy list of 2022 summer shoes are mostly inspired by the 90s. At the top of the list are the wedges, platform heals, square toe loafers, and platforms. While the first three give you a few inches off the ground, the latter is more comfortable to walk in especially if you find heels challenging or you are in the process of transitioning and adapting to high-heels.

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