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Refresh your everyday routine

This post was sponsored by CLEAR CARE® PLUS. All opinions are my own.

Refresh your everyday routine with Clear Care Plus

As always, when fall rolls around, I like to change up my routine a bit. There are certain things that I just love doing every fall. Sometimes they might replace something that I do daily, and at other times I just tack them on to my day.

Refresh your everyday routine

I love waking up later. I stay up late at night working, because I feel more creative and tend to get a lot more done during these hours. As a result, I sleep a little longer in the morning. However, I have been going to bed a little earlier now because I absolutely love fall mornings. I enjoy how cool and crisp it is outside. I love to sit on my back deck, as it really relaxes me.

I moisturize now three times per day. My skin tends to be much drier in the fall and winter. To make it easier, I have placed moisturizer in every bathroom of the house, so there is no excuse for me not to use it.

I seem to get more sun in the winter these days, so I wear more sunscreen. While all of that vitamin D is great for me, I really need to make certain I don't get burned. I put sunscreen on at least twice a day to protect my skin. It’s a bonus if I can find a good moisturizer that also has SPF.
Refresh your everyday routine with Clear Care Plus

I refreshed my routine with CLEAR CARE® PLUS

I tend to work at night and I have allergies. My allergies are at their worst during fall. Because of this, my contact lenses just don’t feel comfortable, I cannot wear them as long and my lenses feel dirty.   I love to stay up late to work and it was frustrating to not be able to wear my contact lenses for very long. So, I refreshed my routine this year with CLEAR CARE® PLUS.

CLEAR CARE® PLUS uses a gentle, bubbling action of peroxide to clean and disinfect your contacts.  What I like about CLEAR CARE® PLUS is that I could see it working.  I was amazed when I first put in my lenses after using CLEAR CARE® PLUS. My lenses felt like a fresh pair of contacts! So for me, it was an upgrade from basic multi-purpose solutions that gives you:

  • cleaner-feeling lenses
  • better overall lens comfort
  • more hours of comfortable lens wear than multi-purpose solutions*

*Compared to multi-purpose solutions users experiencing contact lens-related dryness and/or discomfort

If you need to refresh your contact lens routine, then check out CLEAR CARE® PLUS today!

Refresh your everyday routine with Clear Care Plus
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  1. Dana Rodriguez

    I have tried this and it really works. I like how fresh and clear it leaves my contacts.

  2. That sounds great. So many contact cleaners just don’t do a good enough job. I’ll have to get some of this.

  3. Meagan

    This sounds great. Not all contact cleaners are created equal.

  4. The dry air does seem to get to me in the winter! My kids always have to go through a long period of allergy symptoms in the fall as well. I have to mention this contact solution to them.

  5. My sister wears contact lenses. I wonder if she knows about this. She gets allergies as well. I am going to find out and share!

  6. Reesa Lewandowski

    This is a great product for contact lense wearers. I know so many who complain about dry eyes!

  7. Pam

    My husband uses this brand for his contact care. It seems to work really well for him!

  8. I need to do better with my skincare and daily routine

  9. Ourfamilyworld

    It is important to take care our skin and to have a proper hygiene. Your tips is great.

  10. I love your tips here. This sounds like a great contacts moisturizer. Definitely checking this out!

  11. Jeanine

    This sounds really great. I need to up my skin care, and just all around routine for beauty. I am so blah about it all and don’t really make an effort. I NEED to now that I’m in my 30s!

  12. I do not wear contacts, but there are many people in my family who do.
    I plan on sharing this article with them.

  13. My husband used to hate dealing with his contacts. Looks we need to try this!

  14. My husband used to hate dealing with his contacts. Looks like we need to try this!

  15. My hubby wears contact lens and would love this. Il have to have him try this.

  16. I need to ran a new air of lenses. I haven’t refreshed them in so long they’re all dried up. This would be a great solution to prolonging them.

  17. victoria

    This is a great post, some contact lens cleaners are not enough, but this brand was sounds great

  18. Amy Desrosiers

    My husband bought this product and made a video of the bubbles. IT was a cool case, and formula!

  19. Sarah Bailey

    This sounds perfect for us. I have not found a great contact solution but this one could be it.

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