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RedRover App for Connecting with Friends

I am big fan of sharing. Anyone that knows me, knows that.

I am especially fond of social sharing and the applications that are available. I share on Facebook, Twitter and I check in every chance I get (or when I remember) on Foursquare.

I was excited to be introduced to RedRover recently. This is recently introduced app to help you “share” more selectively.


RedRover is the new app for having spontaneous fun with friends. Connect with your favorite friends and family in a super easy way: make plans on the fly, get tips for things to do, find nearby kid friendly places and have more fun!

It is so easy to make a plan and share it with others:

This is really cool feature of RedRover:

I take RedRover with me everywhere. To the park. Shopping. Kid's activities and more. But I think that I will find it especially helpful during carpool. I will be able to schedule events with the touch of a few buttons. I love that!

I even found this cool video that fully explains RedRover:

RedRover is working hard to raise $20,000 for EveryMotherCounts (the charity by Christy Turlington) by getting 20,000 sign ups and/or downloads by July 28th so go sign up now and check it out!

RedRover is available on the web, Android, and iPhone. Please visit them on the web at

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Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign as a RovingMom Ambassador. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting app. I wish I had a smartphone! I’m missing out on all of these fun and useful applications.

    • Kimberly-
      RedRover is fully available on the web for people that don’t have smartphones!!! Just sign up on We thought about that when we were making RedRover — it’s important to have ALL your friends on RedRover and not every has smartphones.
      Enjoy RedRover and if you or anyone reading this has questions or feedback about RedRover, please feel free to reach out.

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