Redefine Your Toothpaste with Livionex Dental Gel

Redefine Your Toothpaste with Livionex Dental Gel

Redefine Your Toothpaste with Livionex Dental Gel

Redefine Your Toothpaste with Livionex Dental Gel

What if I asked you to put your toothpaste aside and try something new? Could you do it? Could you suspend belief that a foaming, abrasive toothpaste is the best thing for your teeth? Did you know that you can Redefine Your Toothpaste with Livionex Dental Gel?

I spend hundreds of dollars on skincare treatment products each year. I get the serums, eye creams, moisturizers and more because they are worth it. When it comes to toothpaste, before now, I bought whatever was on sale.

Would you be willing to use a $20 tube of toothpaste that promises to clean their teeth unlike any other toothpaste in the history of oral care if it helps you avoid costly dental procedures down the road? Just hearing that made me instantly want to try Livionex.

Livionex 4Livionex Dental Gel

Livionex Dental Gel was found to clean teeth 2.5 times better than a leading toothpaste and it's effective for reducing morning ‘bad' breath. Livionex Dental Gel works two times better at controlling overnight plaque buildup–when our mouths have less of a cleaning mechanism. It was 4 ½ times more effective at reducing plaque— after brushing at night and again in the morning. How amazing is that?

Livionex 2How does Livionex work?

The Livionex formulation achieves these results without any abrasives, detergents, and antimicrobials (triclosan) used by traditional toothpastes. Instead, it uses an activated form of edathamil, a food-grade preservative, to break the bond between bacterial biofilm and teeth, thereby interfering with plaque's ability to stick to teeth. Livionex's ingredients are safe and effective.

Plaque control is a FDA cosmetic claim and Livionex meets the guidelines for the removal of plaque.

Livionex 1My Livionex experience

Plaque buildup has always been something that is a concern to me. As a woman, I know that hormones can create more bacteria in my mouth and after three kids, I am pretty certain that I would be scared to learn about the bacteria that has been in mouth. Livionex gel addresses plaque buildup, without endocrine disruptors or parabens and toxins in their formula.

I have been using Livionex for about two weeks and I have to say that I am really impressed. The gel feels completely different from a toothpaste when you put it on your teeth for the first time but I quickly got used to it. The gel also doesn't foam like a regular toothpaste. What I really like is that my teeth feel incredibly clean. Even more so than after using toothpaste. I have been bragging about Livionex so much that my husband now wants to try it.

I am pretty impressed. I plan to continue using Livionex because I love knowing that I am doing everything that I can to fight plaque. Are you ready to Redefine Your Toothpaste with Livionex Dental Gel? Start today!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Livionex Dental Gel. The opinions and text are all mine.

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