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How to Pick a Cocktail Dress for Your Body Type


The “Cocktail Dress” is the most versatile dress ever designed for wearing on special occasions. Typically they would be worn for events not considered formal but now these dresses can be worn from day to night to all occasions by choosing different styles, fabrics, and the accessories you chose to wear with it!

If you choose a cocktail dress to wear to a more formal event, you simply need to add appropriate accessories such classy jewelry, high end heels and rich makeup. Add a fun jacket and slip on some comfortable flats for a simple twist on a daytime look.

Selecting your own style may seem like a challenge for some women since we everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. Knowing your personal body type will help you choose a cocktail dress that will show off your assets and hide your flaws. If you are bottom-heavy (or triangle shape), your goal should be to bring attention to your upper body and face. If you are opposite, (inverted triangle), you might opt to pick something that will pull the eyes down to your legs.

Still feeling challenged? Women with larger hips and thighs are aiming to minimize drawing attention to that area. Therefore, a good selection for her would be to select a dress that fits closely around the waist, and has a skirt that flows from around the hips and thighs, keeping the length just above the knees or longer. Meanwhile, a fun print up top, or a larger necklace will also draw the eye upwards to your face.

Another option for a woman with fuller hips and thighs is to choose a cocktail dress with an empire waist. With the waist-line higher, it draws the eye toward your shoulders, neck and face. These dresses are very much in-style and are great for more casual daytime wear.

Going sleeveless or strapless is another great option to bring focus upwards if you have great arms to show off!

If you are a bit large busted and do not like to have focus on your cleavage, you will want to find a dress that shows off those legs! Choose a dress with a solid top with a shorter patterned skirt to bring the eyes down. You may also opt for a brighter complimentary heel to bring the eyes down as well.

If you don’t mind showing off a little cleavage rather than her legs, pick a long skirted dress with a low plunging neckline. This body shape is perfect for a simple low necked solid dress.

Accessories are your key to balancing your whole look. Select bigger and bolder pieces where you want to draw the eye and avoid them in areas you want to hide. Find your dress and then glam it up to finish your look!

Choosing a cocktail dress doesn’t have to be a challenge and can be quite a fun experience, now that you know what to look for to fit your body type. You can even pick one that easily go from day to night simply by changing up your accessories! Happy Shopping

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