Personalized Sentimental Valentines Gifts

Personalized Sentimental Valentines Gifts


Personalized Sentimental Valentines Gifts

As an avid shopper, I find myself constantly looking at and buying things like gifts. And here in the deep South, we sure love to put our names on everything. Me & monograms go together like peas and carrots.

I literally have personalized everything. I am not kidding. So do my children and so does my husband when I can sneak monogram things in for him without him really knowing.

Back to gifts. With Valentine's Day coming up, gifts are on my radar 24/7. I think that gifts are a great way to show someone how much you love them. As a long time customer and curator at Personal Creations, I have come up with my must have's for Valentine's Day.

I hope you like them as much as I did.


1. You Are My Happily Ever After Canvas

I just bought this for my husband for Christmas so I had to add it on here. We both love the canvas. It looks great and hung in less than five minutes.

But more than that, I smile every time I look at it. I really do have it hanging over my sit down vanity in our room. That is the actual picture of it.

2. Valentine Sock Monkey

What kid or adult doesn't like sock monkeys? All of my kids each have their own personalized sock monkeys and I do as well.

3. Plush Valentine Treat Jar

My youngest loves things with her name on it. That is how she learned how to spell her name. This treat jar above actually was filled with jellybeans until my family got ahold of it.

The jar is really cute and easy for little hands to open.

4. Deluxe Plush Pocket Pals

These Pocket Pals are plush and perfect for the candy that comes with it or you can add your favorite movie theater size box of candy.

5. Heart Message Pillow With Candy

This is one of those gifts that can go to a kid or an adult. You can personalize however you choose and even get more than one for a person. How cute would this be if a guy used this to propose?

6. Bundle Of Love Valentine's Gift Box

Nothing says I love you like chocolates and teddy bears. This is universally true for pretty much everyone, adults and kids alike. Get your wife or girlfriend or kids bears with everyone's name on it. LOVE.

7. Lips & Mustache Champagne Glasses

Having a low key Valentine's Day or trying to stick to a budget. You can still afford romance with this set of champagne. Grab your favorite bottle of champagne and your gift is ready.

8. Heartbreaker Kids T-Shirt

Yes. All of our son's are the cutest boys in the world. But I am really serious when I say that my son should be wearing this shirt.

9. Spooning Print

I just love this print. It is so sweet and would work well in a kitchen or a bedroom.

10. Cupid Welcome Doormat

My entire family would be excited by this fabulous welcome mat. Cute enough that it could stay out year round.

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29 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Sarah

    The Heart Message Pillow is so cute! What a great idea for a Valentine’s present!

  2. I love them all. I think this year we may get the kids something from build a bear and put our voices in it so that they can have that. The more personal the better

  3. That Heartbreaker Kids T-Shirt is the cutest thing ever! I totally want to get one for my six year old now.

  4. That “Spooning” print made me giggle! I love it. It’s perfect for my husband (who has a bit of a naughty streak! lol)

  5. oh my gosh cute, cute, cute, cute! love the calorie free options

  6. You are my happily ever after and the pillows are my favorite. I might have to do one of these for my husband this year 🙂

  7. They have so many cute things. I have to say that the treat jar is my favorite!

  8. I need that personalized sock monkey! My son would love it.

  9. aw, we love PC as well. i always wanted stuff with my name on it as a kid, but as a female brett, it never happened. like ever. so i tend to go overboard on personal and monogram things!

  10. Oh, I love personalized gifts! I’m in love with that sign!

  11. Those champagne glasses just tickle me. I think they’re super cute. I also love that spooning print!

  12. These are all such great gift ideas, thank you so much for sharing them! I just pinned your collage to Pinterest under my Valentine’s Day board! 🙂

  13. I think the candy heart pillows are very sweet. I remember eating them as a kid, and I love having them as a decorating element!

  14. Awesome Post! I love the Canvas!

  15. I love the plaque. And aww to the sock monkey. He is cute. 🙂

  16. I really like the Deluxe Pocket Plush pals. My boys would love to receive those!

  17. katherine

    I really love all of their stuff! It’s perfect for any holiday

  18. Who doesn’t like personalized gifts. PC has a great selection. My favorite would have to be the sock monkey or the Happily Ever After canvas.

  19. OH I love these gift ideas so much so. Anything that is personalized and spreads more smiles? I am game for!

  20. I love your gift ideas; especially the Bundle Of Love Valentine’s Gift Box. I’m glad that there are so many lovely options for people to choose from… BTW, I had a really hard time commenting on your blog. For some reason, I couldn’t write in the box… I kept checking back. Glad it works now.

  21. jamie

    Great finds! I don’t celebrate Valentines but these are cute for other gifts!

  22. I love finding personalized gifts. Those heart pillows would be adorable, especially for the kids!

  23. I love giving personalized gifts! My son loves monkeys so much – the Sock Monkey you posted would make a great gift for him!

  24. Oh I love that sock monkey. That would be perfect for my oldest daughter. She loves sock monkeys and a personalized one would just make her day.

  25. Those are great gifts for Valentine’s Day. I especially love the plaque with your wedding date on it. Personal Creations always has some pretty awesome stuff!

  26. I love that happily ever after sign! I’ve been trying to add in more texture to my walls.

  27. These are great! I love the personalized sign!

  28. awwww.. You are my happily ever after.. What a sweet gift.

  29. What great ideas– I love the last one!

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