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Office Work

Frequently in my current position I am called upon to create forms. We need forms for every single project that comes across my desk and I am the one tasked with creating, maintaining and making certain these forms are filled out properly.

In fact, this happens on almost a daily basis. I need forms for some reason or another and many of these forms I use to track campaigns that I am working on.

Almost every single form that I create requires me to take that form and convert to pdf. This way the forms are much easier to send since the majority of my business is conducted via email.

I also occasionally need to convert forms in a pdf to word situation. I actually did not know that this was possible until a few months ago. Now I am loving the ability to do this as I can use almost all of my old forms and just tweak them to give me something that works for my current projects. Converting the forms this way makes them easily editable which is always something valuable to me.

No matter what types of forms I am creating, I am always in need of being able to easily convert things over one way or another.

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