New Year-New You-New Water Habits: 5 Ways to Drink More Water
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New Year-New You-New Water Habits: 5 Ways to Drink More Water

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New Year-New You-New Water Habits: 5 Ways to Drink More WaterThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PUR.

New Year-New You-New Water Habits: 5 Ways to Drink More Water

2017 is here! Are you ready for a new year? I know that I am and I am so excited to see what this year brings for me. We all know that a common New Year's resolution is to get more water in everyday. Who doesn't need to drink more water? I know that I say that to myself every year and I make that promise that I will drink more water.

I do pretty well with getting all of my water in each day and this is because I follow these five tips on a daily basis. These tips help me manage my water intake and make certain that I never get dehydrated.

New Year-New You-New Water Habits: 5 Ways to Drink More Water
5 Ways to Drink More Water

1. Get a water bottle and take it with you everywhere.

This was the first step that I took on my journey to health and wellness. For the past year, I have gotten in 60 ounces of water every single day. I bought myself a stainless steel water bottle that keeps ice frozen and water cold for at least 18 hours. I can have ice cold water any time of the day. If you see me in person, ask to see my water bottle because it's always with me.

2. Use a fitness app to record every 8 ounces that you drink.

This is another tip that helped me tremendously. I use this more when I travel because I am never certain how much water I am getting so the app tracks it all letting me know when I am properly hydrated.

3. Try flavors.

My mother had the hardest time drinking water because she just didn't like it. There are countless flavors now available for your water to make it taste pretty much any way you want. My favorite is to add fresh fruit or cucumbers to my water. My mother and kids love the little flavor bottles that you can grab at the store.

New Year-New You-New Water Habits: 5 Ways to Drink More Water4. Drink water first.

Before I eat, workout or pretty much do anything, I drink an entire glass of water. I have found myself eating much less food and feeling full for much longer.

5. Get PUR for your home.

We have been using a PUR water faucet filtration system for years and I just know that this has definitely helped my family drink more water. The clean, refreshing taste of our water is something that my family and I love.

New Year-New You-New Water Habits: 5 Ways to Drink More WaterWhy PUR?

Did you know that your water goes on a long journey before it reaches our faucets? Water comes from the source treatment center and goes through miles of decaying pipe before picking up all sorts of minerals and contaminants. We use PUR because I feel that it protects my family from all of those contaminants in the water.

PUR Ultimate and PUR Advanced systems feature PUR MineralClear® filters. These filter water over natural minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste. Plus, these new faucet filtration systems provide consumers with a variety of affordable options.

With concerns about water quality in our nation being at an all time high, PUR has a filtration system with Bluetooth making it easy to track your water intake, see your filter usage and more. The filtration system attaches easily with no tools and provides up to 100 gallons of filtered, clean water for up to three months.

The new PUR faucet filters are certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Water Quality Association (WQA).  More than any brand, PUR filters reduce over 70 contaminants including:

  • 99% of lead
  • 96% of mercury
  • 92% of certain pesticides.

PUR, the only faucet filter to reduce pharmaceutical compounds, is also certified to reduce:

  • chlorine (taste & odor)
  • microbial cysts
  • industrial pollutants.

New Year-New You-New Water Habits: 5 Ways to Drink More WaterDo you know your water? is a unique website comprised of easy and digestible information gathered from public water quality data received from the EPA. The purpose of is to help educate people on the journey of water from source to treatment to tap. The site also easily allows users to learn what’s in their water because everything is in one place.

Get your PUR faucet filtration system today!

All PUR systems offer a new and refined horizontal, space-saving design and CleanSensor™ Monitor which indicates filter status and helps guarantee you will have healthier filtered drinking water. These new PUR faucet filtration systems can be found at local, major retailers like Wal-Mart and Target. You can also purchase online at Amazon and Available in four finishes – stainless steel style, chrome, black and white; MSRP $24.99-$44.99.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PUR.

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  1. These are awesome tips. I am terrible about getting in enough water. I’m just not thirsty. I really need to focus on it more.

  2. robin masshole mommy

    I need these tips in my life! I definitely don’t drink enough.

  3. Pam Wattenbarger

    I really need to drink more water! These are great tips to get me on the right track in this new year.

  4. Proper water intake is something I always seem to struggle with. I think being extra picky when it comes to taste is part of the problem, so a filter may really help.

  5. I think the flavored water is a great tip. I cannot drink water plain. I am on a Vitamin Water currently, and I love the lemon zero.

  6. Jeanine

    This is something I NEED to do asap. Learn to drink way more water. Its a must and I dont do it enough thats for sure. So thanks for these great tips.  I’ve never tried PUR before would love to!

  7. Awesome tips! I’ll definitely try this! One of my goals is to drink 8 glasses or more everyday. These tips will surely help me!

  8. Our Family World

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Pur, This is such a wonderful tips and ideas.

  9. I am a fan of slightly-flavored water.
    My husband constantly keeps a large (22oz) blender ball container filled with ice in the refrigerator; he drinks from that frequently throughout the day.

  10. These are actually great tips for my entire family! We all need to drink more water in our household and I’m going to be putting these tips to the test! Thanks for sharing!

  11. My fiance and I were both just discussing how we don’t drink enough water. Thank you for the awesome tips to help us increase our water intake!

  12. I don’t have a problem with drinking just straight up water. I drink a lot of it. But, my husband has a lot of trouble with it, so he has learned to add fruit flavors to his to make it better. Now he drinks a little more than he used to anyway.

  13. Drinking more water is one of my goals for the year so I loved these tips. They are so easy to implement and I bet make a big difference.

  14. Ann Bacciaglia

    I am always looking to up my water uptake. I will have to try these tips starting tomorrow. I already see a big difference in my skin since I have been drinking more water.

  15. I really need to invest in a PUR water filter. Our water is horrible and I am so bad about drinking my daily goal. I love adding fruit to my water occasionally or using the drops. I really need to work on drinking more water.

  16. Awesome tips. I’m currently on the take water everywhere you go without fail kick. I have to have it with me or I freak out. I used to be a bad soda drinker, but I’m kicking the habit with water <3

  17. I am getting better than ever at drinking more water! Unfortunately my tap water is so gross at home – I have been buying bottles of water and feel terrible about it. I NEED to get a PUR or something like this!

  18. I find it’s super helpful to have a water bottle next to my bed and with me in the car. I pick up 6 kids from 3 different schools, which means a lot of driving time! These are some great tips!

  19. After reading your post, I’ll definitely check PUR. I surely never thought of those decaying pipes. Ewww!

  20. A lot of people think water is dull and that’s why they mostly drink other beverages instead. It’s important that we try our best to make water more interesting for our family, especially the kids. I think these are great ways!

  21. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. Pur is a great brand. My family don’t drink tap water, we usually purchase filtered water.

  22. I have got my water game on point, I definitely make sure I put in the 8 glasses a day minimum and usually try to go for more than that especially if the day is particularly busy. Our bodies often confuse hunger for thirst oddly enough so drinking more water will help with keeping extra snack cravings at bay.

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