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Mercedes-Benz 2012 M Class

The new M-Class combines high functionality and safety with SUV-specific emotions and MB-typical value appearance. It offers outstanding driving comfort and ensures highest environment responsibility.

The dramatically styled 2012 M-Class sits about 3/4-inch lower than the previous model, the new SUV is nearly an inch longer and a half-inch wider. This eye-catching interpretation of a modern SUV makes a strong presence that projects trend-setting design and quality.

Mercedes-Benz begins the 2012 model year with two M-Class models – the thrifty ML350 BlueTEC diesel now has considerably more power (240 horsepower, 455lb.-ft of torque), while the popular ML350 4MATIC is equipped with a brand new direct-injection V6 engine (302 hp,273 lb.-ft.)


The Mercedes M Class is a luxury mid-sized SUV that comes in multiple power terrains. The M Class is available in standard, diesel and hybrid options for personalized vehicle efficiency. There are actually 6 trims available in this automobile and each one is different in some way.

There is one rear wheel drive version along with 5 different 4-wheel drive versions. All of them are four door models and have the capacity to hold 5 people. The differences come in fuel economy, engine size and overall features that come with that specific version.

The rear wheel drive has a 3.5L engine with estimated miles per gallon ranging from 16 to 20 depending on the type of road. The all-wheel drive 3.5L version gets similar gas mileage but is estimated to gain up to 21 mpg on the highway. The next all-wheel drive version is called the BlueTEC model and is a 3.0L engine. It can get 18 to 25 mpg . The 3.5L all-wheel drive hybrid gets the best gas mileage out of all the models ranging from 20-24 mpg. It has an 8 speed continuously variable transmission but one downfall is that it is only available through lease and not for straight sale.


There is also a 5.5L version as well that comes with all-wheel drive. With the bigger engine the fuel-efficiency takes a dive and ranges from 13 to 18 mpg. Lastly, there is a model called the 6.3L AMG version. It comes with the lowest gas mileage with 11 mpg in the city and 15 mpg on the highway.


ATTENTION ASSIST is a standard feature on the M-Class.  The innovative ATTENTION ASSIST system alerts the driver to the first signs of drowsiness, a factor that causes more than 100,000 accidents a year in the U.S.  A steering sensor is coupled to smart software that uses 70 different parameters to establish a unique driver profile during the first 20 minutes of driving.


All of these new M-Class versions come with a slightly higher price tag than other mid-sized SUVs but this is clearly the best M Class Mercedes has built. The M class is very comfortable, stylish and frankly built for someone like me. They are perfect for shuffling kids around and then going out to dinner with your husband or girlfriends. Much like the perfect, little black dress.

I was a guest of Mercedes-Benz and was given the opportunity to drive an M-Class both on the road and offroad. It was amazing!

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  1. This car looks great. It would be perfect for us.

  2. Jason

    This would make a great Christmas gift for your husband!!!!

  3. We need to cover this on Mantripping.

  4. Dawn

    We just bought the M-Class. Thanks for a great review!

  5. These really are wonderfull designed vehicles.

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