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Mad About Beads – Style & Fashion Report

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There is no question that beads are more popular than even this year. I am seeing people wearing stacks, single strands, various colors, monochromatic and more. There are even more Pandora bead choices than ever before.

I have curated a great collection of beads that I would love to have and that I think make great starter bracelets. You find a variety of colors, materials and sizes of bracelets. Some are brand name and others are made from real gem stones.

Rather than spending a ton of money, my collection is the perfect place to start and see what beads you like, what goes with what you wear and what feels good while wearing it. I have several bead bracelets that I purchased but never wear because they just don't feel good or look that great while wearing them.

Here are a few of my favorites (son I have already purchased from eBay) that you can add to your own personal collections or use to get started on a collection of your very own:

Mad About Beads Collage

1. Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Bead Bracelet

Be still my heart. This one is a stunner. Beautiful, timeless silver bracelet from the always timeless Tiffany & Co. What more could a girl want?

2. Gray Labradorite Bead Bracelet

These healing stones are large and very pretty. You can see how each bead is different yet they all look amazing together.

3. Beaded Bohemian Bracelet Stack

This is the stack to start with if you have an interest in beads. You get several bracelets with one auction and you cannot beat the price.

4. Hedgehog Charm Bead for Pandora

Hedgehog. I just like to say it. This totally adorable hedgehog bead for Pandora needs to be on my bracelet right now. It is cute, different and a little funny. I just love it.

5. Dragonfly Charm Bead for Pandora

The dragonfly charm bead for Pandora bracelets is a great choice for a gift or just to treat yourself. It has a mosaic tile like look that I love and for sterling silver, the price is more than fair.

6. Wooden Beads for Pandora Bracelets

These brown, wooden beads are the perfect addition when trying to fill up your Pandora bracelet. I love how natural the beads look. Keep one and give one away or wear them both.

7. Judith Ripka Sterling Truffle Bead Bracelet

This beautiful truffle bead bracelet is like any other I have seen. The beads are filigree and just lovely. The bracelet appears to have a little weight to it which means it will feel good when on.

8. Black Tourmaline Bracelet

This black Tourmaline bracelet is 8mm round and contains healing stones. Black goes with anything and this bracelet could easily become a wardrobe staple.

9. Natural Colorful Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet

These beautiful, natural tigers eye bracelets come in a variety of sizes. The colors are really nice and 

I have many great collections that you can check it out on eBay and obviously I am quite Mad About Beads. If you want to follow me while you are there, that would be great and you can see when I curate new collections.

Tell me what kind of collection you would create on eBay.

What would you love to share with others?

My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.

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