Luxury Bathroom: How to Create a 5-Star Hotel Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom: How to Create a 5-Star Hotel Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom: How to Create a 5-Star Hotel BathroomLuxury Bathroom: How to Create a 5-Star Hotel Bathroom

The perfectly luxe and lavish bathrooms are one of the many reasons that make our 5-star hotel stays truly memorable. Wish you could experience the relaxing comfort well beyond your staycation? How about recreating the same magic in your own bathroom?

Here are some luxurious bathroom tips and ideas that will let you add that 5-star vibe to your living space.   

Change up your storage

The easiest and almost immediate upgrade you could possible do is to clear any visible clutter. Getting rid of the unsightly mess on the top of your vanity and the countertops will instantly improve the look of your bathroom.

Transfer your shampoos, soaps, and scrubs to pretty bottles. Apothecary jars, aesthetic dispensers, and vintage tins can help you achieve a sense of uniformity as well as add a touch of glam. 

Ditch bulky storage cabinets and opt for floating shelves. Make use of the under-sink storage to tuck away any knick-knacks. 

Get high quality towels 

If there’s one thing we associate 5-star hotel bathrooms with, it is the feeling of being wrapped in plush, fluffy towels after a relaxing soak in the tub. 

Investing in high quality, spa-inspired bath towels is the secret behind turning every bath session into a great, luxurious experience. But it’s not just about how they feel. Displaying soft, freshly laundered towels in stylish storage baskets or towel rack will lend your bathroom that 5-star hotel-like opulence.

Also, remember to get your towels in same colours to ensure that beautiful balance and homogeneity of world-class bathrooms. You could rotate the towel colours as a a cheap and easy way to change up the mood of your bathroom. 

Opt for marble 

Marble is the ultimate bathroom material if luxury is on your mind. This natural stone lends itself beautifully to nearly any décor style, be it traditional, contemporary, classic or modern. Great for achieving that pristine look that’s so synonymous with luxury bathrooms these days, white marble can be incorporated in your décor in many different ways, besides their obvious use as floors. 

You could use marble as your countertop finish, shower tiles, and even add a custom charm with sinks and bath tubs crafted from blocks of marble, if you’re willing to invest some money. Check out these gorgeous marble bathrooms for inspiration.      

Go light 

A light coloured finish is a signature feature in luxe hotel bathrooms. Not only does it create a clean, sophisticated atmosphere but also makes your space seem spacious and light. Team with chrome fittings for a classic feel. Or, you could deal up the lavish feel with bronze or rose gold fittings and accents. 

To break the monotony of an all-white bathroom, you could introduce the warmth of wooden textures. This would give your space a relaxing, retreat-like feel.  

Use mirrors and lights to brighten up

There’s nothing better than a super-sized mirror when it comes to creating the illusion of spaciousness. But, strategic use of lights can elevate that effect and add to the luxurious feel of a bathroom. Lighted mirrors, such as the ones from Clearlight Designs, are the perfect way to mix up the two elements. Don’t forget to add under-cabinet lights and wall scones to complete the cosy, comfy ambience.   

Take cues from these tips to transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. 

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