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Lullaby Light Up Pillow Review

Lullaby Light Up pillow 3Does your child become stressed at bedtime due to the dark? I know mine did, which is why I was anxious to try the Lullaby Light Up Pillow. This is a pillow that can gently light up the night for your child, providing soothing colors and a soft touch perfect for cuddling. With a four year old still afraid of the dark and struggling at bedtime, I was looking forward to reviewing this product. Here are my results!

The Lullaby Light Up Pillow comes in a variety of animal friends, so you are sure to find one that appeals to your child. My daughter loved the whimsical look of the duck, and instantly fell in love with its adorable face and soft fur. The pillow is a generous size, perfect for holding, hugging, or even laying on.

When bedtime came, my daughter was invited to take her Lullaby Light Up Pillow with her. Already she felt like she had the warmth of a friend and was looking forward to the dark. Can you believe it? Once she was tucked in she gave the pillow a squeeze, and the soft and soothing music played while the lights lit up. The music was so relaxing, and the lights were gentle but bright enough to make her feel safe. After about 15 minutes, the lights and music go off on their own. There is no need to sneak back into the room and turn the pillow off. I appreciated that.

Lullaby Light Up pillow 1Should your Lullaby Light Up Pillow get dirty or soiled, you can easily remove the cover and place it in the washing machine. It doesn’t require any special care, and treating it for spills and stains is a breeze. This is also appreciated since this is an item that little children are sure to play with often, so you know it is going to get dirty and often.

The Lullaby Light Up Pillow retails for around $34.99, and even comes with the option of a removable blanket. This added feature would make the duo perfect for naptime or for taking to preschool or daycare for naptime.

I was quite pleased with how easy to use, durable, and child friendly the Lullaby Light Up Pillow is. It is a wonderful solution to the age old problem of children being afraid of the dark at bedtime. I would highly suggest it to anyone who is having this problem with their child, or just wants a soothing and fun way to send them to sleep! And while I tested this product on my 4 year old, my 9 year old was just as curious about it as were other children of various ages that dropped by the house. They too liked the soothing music and fun lights, making this a product that can span across several ages.

Visit to find out more about the Lullaby Light Up Pillow and to order one for your child. It is sure to be a hit in your household as well.
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