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Dealing with and Living with LBL

Poise Microliners #SAMInYourPants

I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars.

Have you heard about LBL? Light bladder leakage is very common in women. In fact, it is the most common type of bladder control problem in women.

LBL is stress incontinence that occurs when sneezing, coughing, laughing, running or other things that put a strain on your bladder. There are many causes of stress incontinence including childbirth, weight gain, or other conditions that might stretch the pelvic floor muscles. Even pregnancy can cause LBL.

What happens in that your muscles can no longer support your bladder properly. Urine may leak because of the extra pressure on your bladder and this is LBL.

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Poise Microliners can help you control LBL.

Because 1 in 3 women has LBL, POISE introduced the thinnest incontinence liner available so women can feel clean and fresh. POISE Microliners are made with Super Absorbent Material – or “SAM.” Because of SAM, Poise Microliners stay 3X drier than regular liners. Their thinnest liners yet, Poise Microliners are designed to provide just enough absorbency to handle the occasional leak. Surprisingly absorbent and incredibly thin, they offer discreet Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) protection to help keep you feeling dry and comfortable every day.


Now, you can get a free sample of Poise by heading over to

Poise Microliners #SAMInYourPants


I found some great tips on about controlling LBL. Here they are:

  • Cut back on caffeine
  • Cut back on carbonated drinks.
  • Don't drink more than one glass of alcohol per day.
  • Eat high fiber foods so you are not constipated.
  • Don't smoke or quit smoking.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Try Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Keeping track of your symptoms can help both you and your doctor. There may be times of the day that you experience LBL more than others.


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I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars.

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  1. I really appreciate your openness and sharing this. After having two babies things have changed for me as well. I never knew about the caffeine?!

  2. I have read at least 5 blogs about LBL in the last 24 hours! I would like to say that I like that unlike the others- you actually include other ways to help the problem! Thank you for the pointers and not just the promotion!

  3. Tiffany @DaydreamingRealist

    Those are all great suggestions! I never had trouble with this until after I had a baby and now I wear liners everyday. For me, though, it’s about not making time to get to the bathroom when I know I need to. I will keep trying to do “one more thingggg” and then I’m cross-legged-hopping to the bathroom like a little kid. Thankful for the liners… so thankful 🙂

  4. Thankfully I have not had this happen to me (yet?), but I know there are some moms in my zumba class that groan every time a song with jumps comes on.

  5. Thanks for the tips. Surprised how many suffer with this

  6. Super thin is super important with a problem like this. While this is a huge campaign, you’ve been really supportive with tips!

  7. Luckily I do not have this issue yet, but I know some of the women in the family do. I know it is the extreme, but we will never forget the time when my sister-in-law lost all control during a laughing fit at the beach. Hey, it is a fun family memory!

  8. It’s surprising how many women deal with this, but never talk about it! It’s nice to have women sharing their experiences.

  9. I had this issue after my 9.4 son was born. Thankfully it healed fun!

  10. I have not had kids yet but I thank you for bringing up this issue. I am sure a lot of women will find this super helpful and it is good to know there is help out there and products that can make it easier.

  11. Cut back on caffeine?! What woman has time for that? lol

  12. I never knew that cutting back on caffeine could help with this (though I did know that pregnancy was a cause.) Thanks for the tips on how to help the symptoms.

  13. My midwife actually made a suggestion for helping I had never heard of for LBL. She said that when you strengthen your abdominal muscles, it really helps.

  14. Thankfully I haven’t suffered from this yet, but I think it is such a comfort knowing that Poise will be there to help should I ever need it. Thanks for sharing the information!

  15. I have had this problem since my first child was born and after number 2 when I was over 40 it just got worse. Glad to know they have this product

  16. This issue is so common with women, especially after child birth. Especially when you have three children (um-hm). I’m glad there is an easy solution to keep you protected that is able to be kept a secret. So important for confidence.

  17. I am glad I don’t drink soda. Hopefully that helps me from not having LBL often.

  18. That’s one of the reasons I dropped the caffeine sodas. It’s an annoying problem, but thank goodness for protection.

  19. veronica

    I have been reading so many posts about this. I had n idea how many women experience this. I am thankful that I don’t. Glad there is help for it

  20. Thanks for the free sample. No wonder it happens to me – there’s no way I could cut out caffeine!

  21. Jenn

    Good tips. I need to remember to do Kegels. Things are not the same since giving birth twice!

  22. Three babies and I totally know all about this, unfortunately! Laughing or sneezing can be dangerous!

  23. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    I never realized how common this was until I started running with a women’s group. It’s great to know there’s a solution!

  24. My OB told me that this is extremely common in women, particularly after having children.

  25. Thanks for sharing information about this product. The sample is awesome!

  26. I bet this is so nice for those who need it. It probably helps to open up tons of doors too, for things they can now confidently do but could not do before!

  27. I’ve heard about doing kegel exercises and was told to start which I really need to do! It’s really nice to know that there is a discreet product that can help woman gain their physical and mental confidence back when it comes to LBL 🙂

  28. Dina

    I had LBL until I got off all artificial sweeteners. Sometimes you can find an outside cause and eliminate it. But the pads are helpful.

  29. Great tips for dealing with and living with LBL. Super helpful!

  30. I’ve haven’t suffered from LBL, but learning about it is all good to know.

  31. LBL is definitely a huge concern for tons of women. It’s great that there are products that can make it less of a concern.

  32. No LBL here, but there’s lots of ladies speaking out. I totally understand! Our bodies have gone through a lot

  33. this is a concern for my BFF. she’s had some medical procedures that caused it and it now suffering from it

  34. I ordered m sample the other day! I can’t wait to try these out!

  35. LBL is such an uncomfortable pblem and also so shamefull for many. I’m glad that people are talking about it more and taking away the stigma.

  36. Tammy S

    These are some great tips. My aunt has this problem very bad. We all laugh about it because you can always tell when she is going to sneeze because she crosses her legs right away. I will have to tell her about the sample also! Thanks!

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